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In New York City, for the first time! I woke up at 5:15 a.m. in San Diego and went to bed at 1:20 a.m. in New York. The plane ride went smooth & everything else went well. The first night here after getting into the hotel and unpacking our bags, we ate dinner at a good Italian restaurant called Carmine’s. After dinner we were on our own so our group decided to see Time Square, it was beautiful at night! After that we had to ride a subway in New York for the first time, we met some interesting individuals down there.


Today I woke up had breakfast at the little café in the lobby; I ate a chocolate muffin with orange juice.
  At 8:45 the fashion group met up in the lobby of the hotel to experience our first real day in NY! After getting everyone together we packed on a bus to go on a tour of NYC with Joan Roland. On the tour everyone had seen and probably picked their favorite spot, mine being Central Park. It was perfect that it had snowed right before we got into NY because it added a whole other element to Central Park. All the snow laid on the tops of trees and ponds were frozen. Everything looked uninterrupted. As far as lunch went we were on our own, so Adena, Summer, and I had to check out the pizza in NY. Wow the pizza is so much better then the nasty crap back in Cali. When 2:30 came around it was then time to scatter off to Material Connexion on 60 Madison Ave.
We got to take a mini tour of the business/offices and the archives, meanwhile a meeting with some buyers was taking place so we had to refrain from yelling in excitement and astonishment of all the wacky yet cool materials this place works with. My favorite object they had was the magnets that were soft, I believe this could take part in changing the ways some garments could be held in place. After Material Connexion time to head back to the hotel and change for the nightlife. Adena and Summer were planning on meeting up with Adena’s Aunt and Uncle to go out for dinner. So tonight I was on my own and planned on getting lost so I could get the full experience of NY and really learn the city. So I grabbed a map from the information desk of the Hotel Pennsylvania and I was on my way.
  I did want to see the Apple store, which we had passed by on our tour earlier that morning. I found it on the map and figured out what I thought would be the right train to take. Well I was wrong I took the stairs leading down to the subway and noticed all the trains were going in the opposite direction that I wanted to travel. I was confused and was getting more confused looking at the map the size of the largest building back in North County, with tiny little words. I decide to go back above ground and try getting on the subway at Time Square maybe I would have better luck there. Once again I was wrong I had swiped my Metro Card and I thought it didn’t read it so I swiped the card again, but the rotating arm locked and the screen-displayed card was just used.
I said you know what, I think I am just going to walk, I’ll see more anyway. So I began my journey on foot, I walked from 32nd street up to the west side of Central Park on 59th then headed east to the Apple Store. I was amazed it was around 9:00 or 9:30 and the store was packed, people waiting to listen to any color Ipod you could imagine, choosing any cable Apple has ever made, or taking classes on how to work Apple products. I stood behind one of the techies teaching his class on how to use Apple Mail, he was wearing a headset that played out of individual speakers that the people learning held in there hands.  After this I walked back to the hotel and soaked everything in that I had seen today and learned. I fell in love with New York!


Woke up this morning and went down to the lobby and ate a fruit cup.
Our first fashion appointment of the day was ESP Trend Lab at 12 West 37h Street. The Trend Lab looked to be an exciting job but it would seem like the research never stops therefore you’re always working. No matter what your doing going out at night to a club, movie, theater, or just out for a walk you are always on the look out for what you would believe will become the new fashion. This job does involve a lot of traveling. That aspect really appeals to me, see the world and get paid. They put out color books and their forecast books for certain companies that pay for this service. Next stop, Rootstein Mannequins at 205 West 26th Street. They had an amazing Barbie window display, very eye catching with the realistic ness of the mannequins. Rootstein Mannequins specialize in realistic mannequins, modeled after real people.
For them to capture the realistic ness of these mannequins, each individual pose must be molded, due to different muscle movement in different poses. They also carry an abstract mannequin line. After leaving Rootstein Mannequins we took a bus down to 601 West 26th Street where Tommy Hilfiger is located. I believe this was just about everyone’s favorite fashion appointment that we experienced. John, our tour guide for Tommy Hilfiger was full of energy and loved how well everyone was dressed. However he could not get over how slow Californians walk, he had to tell us to pick it up were running out of time, every 5 minutes. Before the real tour began we were able to eat in the cafeteria where the food was half as cheap as anywhere else in the city, yet staying up to the excellent food expectations of New York City.
During the tour we were lucky enough to actually step into Tommy’s office, where only a select few are even able to step foot into. John remarked how many managers aren’t even allowed into his office. On display in his office he owns a pair of Marilyn Monroe’s boots and jeans, the jeans alone are believed to be worth around $40,000. Next we walked to the other side of the extremely large building and down a hallway to a cabinet with a pad lock, securing it.  John opened up the cabinet grabbed one of the pair of platform boots and hands it to me, and tells me “do not drop this”. Well it turns out that I was holding one of the boots worn by Elton John. The last stop for the day was Seventh House PR, located at 263 Eleventh Avenue. After all the appointments were over we went back to the hotel to change, then to the nearest subway station to go south to China Town.
  China Town was probably the dirtiest place I went to in NYC, however the Manhattan Bridge was unforgettable.


Woke up around 7:45 and had to be in the lobby at 8:00, I was a little rushed to get ready. Nike Town was the first appointment of the day. Largest Nike store in the world, standing 5 stories in height and offering anything as long as it had a Nike symbol on it. Next was a short trip though Joseph Abboud at 650 Fifth Avenue. For lunch we eat at the little eatery/deli below the building where Joseph Abboud was located. Last appointment of the day was a Cosmetic Marketing Introduction at Color Association, 315 West 39th Street. The information was interesting, but to everyone’s disappointment the room was set to about 115 degrees, even us sun-loving Californians were falling asleep and awaiting going back outside to complain about the cold.
Once again back to the hotel and to grab a quick bite to eat before taking a bus to the theater. After the complications of Cynthia missing our departure, everyone was in the theater and about to see the remarkable performance of “In The Heights”. Once the theater was over the girls were now in the mood to dance, so off to find an 18 and up club that either does not exist or is hidden in someone’s basement. We all decided that the clubbing idea was overrated and it was too cold to be aimlessly walking around.


Today we woke up at 7:00 to eat our cereal that Angela, Nicole, Mike and I had picked up at the local Walgreen’s up the street the night before.  Meeting in the lobby at 9:00 to go to Geoffrey Beene at 37 West 57th Street.
Beene makes men’s business wear, but also mentioned rumors of creating a women’s wear line again soon. Next we made an appearance at TWINZ, a show room located at 226 West 37th Street. Very nice show room and if I remember right they were exclusively carrying Lauren Conrad’s line, just one of the many designer lines on display.  Now on our own for lunch we immediately started looking for food, not too hard in this city. Café Metro was chosen, I ate a meatball sandwich and had to try NY cheesecake for the first time. Arguably the best meal I had in New York City. Somewhere between now and when we had to meet up to go to F.I.T. Ray and his girlfriend went M.I.A. causing them to miss the next two fashion appointments. F.I.T. was next on the list at 27th Street and Seventh Avenue.
Here we got a history lesson that was interesting to me due to the fact that I have yet to take history and costume at Palomar College. A quick run though the two exhibits “Seduction” and “Gothic” F.I.T. had on display was also entertaining. Last appointment today was Studio Rouge Costume Design at 152 West 25th Street. This was the worst appointment that we encountered, and I think everyone else would agree, only due to the fact the owner of the business sounded like she was ready to destroy the industry itself along with New York. She sounded burnt out on work, but I do believe she was once happy working in the industry. Tonight was rather interesting for reason I don’t need to go into. I didn’t make it out to the Hard Rock Café, however I did get to enjoy a chocolate shake that Nicole brought me back.
Long night, lots of talking, enough said.


Woke up to a text saying “ITS SNOWING!!!” got up out of bed looked out the window said “looks cold”, got back in bed and feel asleep. I started the day off with my amazing Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, then off to Geoffrey Goodman. This place was exquisite, and I knew there was not one item in the entire store that I could afford. Second level for example, was the shoes department and not one pair of shoes where under $1,000. All the girls looked like they were about to major in shoplifting. After escaping this store without going into debt, we ventured off to Necessary Objects, 1411 Broadway. We were able to see the craftsmanship of making a hat. One complete hat takes around one hour to construct.
We also took pictures wearing hats, once again none of us could probably afford.  Time to eat again, found a little café outside the building, had a turkey wrap. Across the street was Mood, we couldn’t come all the way to New York and not step foot in the exact place Project Runway contestants shop for fabric. Three levels of any fabric print, leather, buttons, etc. you could imagine. After Mood I needed to buy some clothes here in NY so Mike and I ran off to Dr. Jays, just north east of our hotel. I bought one pair of green washed jeans and a pair of black Nike shoes. Later changed in the hotel for the last fashion appointment here in New York. Now rejoined with the group, we walked to Lectra Systems, 25 West 39th Street. Here we were given a presentation on how they can create and manipulate print onto fabric, and also how it will fit on the body of your choice.
Our last night in New York and it happens to be Mikes 19th birthday so we had planned to throw a surprise birthday part for him back in the hotel. Nicole, Ray and his girlfriend, and I went straight back to the hotel to decorate the room with a mass of balloons and streamers tapped to the ceiling. Meanwhile Angela took Mike to the Metropolitan Museum to give us time to create a hotel room into a promotional piece for Party City. Ally showed up just in time for the big surprise when Mike and Angela arrived back to the hotel. Room 402A was on and poppin once we got our favorite flavor of punch and Kool-Aid. Mike seemed happy and had a good time; therefore our mission was a success. I being the mastermind I am had one of the greatest ideas ever and wanted to pull an all-nighter.
Great idea but it was followed by its destiny, I was talking to myself at 4:30 in the morning meanwhile everyone passed out in the oddest neck breaking positions.


Woke up at 11:30 to push the alarm to 11:45. It was now time to clean 402A and finish up the last bit of cereal. Met up in the lobby and had about 30 to 45 minutes to kill, so Mike and I did some last minute shopping at H&M and at the 9 story high Macy’s. Didn’t want to leave New York…. But I will return

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New York
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