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The inside of the train

I needed to get out, I need to get away from my computer and studies, and I needed to stop worrying about all of the things I had been worrying. I wanted to go for a bushwalk and discover a waterfall somewhere. I was feeling hemmed in and about ready to burst. I didn’t think a walk to a waterfall would be where I end up because the weather was hideous, it had been raining all night and I didn’t think trudging through muddy ground was going to be the balm I needed. So, I jumped in the car and drove knowing that I would end up where I needed to be. I started heading south, thinking I might make my way to Bruny Island. Then my tummy started to rumble and because I left home without having anything to eat, I was hungry.

I was near the Margate Train when my tummy started to rumble and I remembered the Pancake Train from a previous visit. I wasn’t sure if the Pancake place would still be there, it had been a while since I was last here, that time I only had one of their toasted sandwiches so I thought it would be nice to try one of their pancakes.  I pulled into the car park not really knowing what to expect to find. Over the years, the shops at the Margate Train have changed a bit.

I was in luck; the Pancake train was still there.

Each carriage of the train offers a different shop and there are a couple of buildings next to the train with two antique shops and a carpet shop. In the carriages there is a barber, a second hand bookshop, another shop selling kids clothes and toys and the pancake place takes up two or three of the carriages.

This was definitely the place to be. When I went in, of the eight tables in this carriage, only two were vacant. It was so warm and cosy when I walked in, I took my jacket off and sat down. I did have to put my jacket back on though because it turned cold again.

I didn’t get out of bed until about 10 this morning. I had been working until 11:30pm the last few nights and last night when I got home, I watched a bit of TV while waiting for my email account to become available. They were doing some kind of work on it and apologised for any inconvenience and to let them know if after an hour I still couldn’t get in. I still couldn’t get in after an hour so I let them know and went to bed. This morning I was signing in to my computer, getting ready to put in a hard day's work on my course when before my computer had fully loaded, I had turned it back off, packed my day pack and was in my car heading south out of Hobart.

 At the pancake restaurant, I could see the people at the table next to me ordered the Scallops and Prawns Savoury pancake ($17) and one of the pies. They both looked delicious. I ended up ordering the Pear and Walnut Luscious Pancake for $9.

It would be great if this train went somewhere. We don’t have commercial trains here in Tassie, there are a couple of tourist train rides. Imagine sitting in the barber’s chair having a haircut and rumbling along the countryside. What fun.

The thought of riding in the train eating my pancake reminds me of a tram ride I took in Melbourne when I lived there. They have a restaurant tram. That was a great evening; you ride all the way to St Kilda and back while enjoying a delicious meal and the lovely nighttime view.

Lunch – the luscious Pear & Walnut Pancake – Fresh pear lightly cooked in a butter glaze tossed with walnut halves

When my lunch arrived, there were two pancakes and a dollop of cream and ice-cream (bonus) and it was yummy.

The woman at the table behind me was talking so loud to her companion that I couldn’t concentrate on my own thoughts. I was hoping they would bring her meal soon so she had something to put in her mouth and possibly shut her up, she ordered the filo pastry. I heard the discussion about what they should order so clearly, I was about to offer her my opinion.

It had stopped raining again and so I thought I’d head off. I would have loved to sat there and write for  a bit longer but the woman was insistent that I listen to her conversation and learn that if she ever sells her home how a gardener had better buy it; and what it was like when they finally opened the railway back into Darwin.

Well, I was off to look through the antique shops. I was not expecting to buy anything because I will only have to pack it away or sell it before I move to Europe, but you never know...

Lord_Mike says:
I shall dig deeper into this blog when I am not at work...but congratulations on your feature! Hugs from Minnesota!!! LM
Posted on: Apr 22, 2009
jp2506 says:
UGG Oliviya
Posted on: Apr 22, 2009
Sunflower300 says:
@ Alyssa
Haha Alyssa, I tend to agree with you and that’s what makes the vision so funny. Mind you with some of the haircuts on people in the area, you’d think they were sitting in a chair on a moving train when they had their hair cut. :D
@ Nicole
Nicole I just couldn’t be bothered, and in hind sight, if she had not have talked so loud I wouldn’t have had the day I had, I would have sat there all afternoon writing and drinking coffee. :)
@ Roger
Bless you Roger you sweetie. :D Thanks for the compliment on the photo. :) You are welcome to join me for pancakes any time. :D
@ Bev
Bev I didn’t even think about my IPod, but then I would have missed all the other things going on in the train. There was a little girl down the end doing some colouring and every so often, she would say something funny or cute to her mum. I wouldn’t want to miss that. :)
@ All
Thank you everyone for the congratulations, smiles and comments. I appreciate them all. :)
Posted on: Apr 21, 2009
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The inside of the train
The inside of the train
Lunch – the luscious Pear & Waln…
Lunch – the luscious Pear & Wal…
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Until next time Margate Train
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