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Im Hauptbahnhof / The Central Station.
When I lived in Freiburg, Germany, I had to do a job internship in Kiel. This was a mandatory assignment from CDG, the organisation which gave me the scholarship to study IT in Germany for one year. The internship would take three months long. First of all, I had to attend an interview by the owner of the job before he/she thought I was qualified for it. So, I left Freiburg in the morning to fulfill that interview appointment.

Actually, I was a bit sad because of two reasons. First, Kiel is a small city at far north of Germany which I thought I would gain nothing fun there. Secondly, nobody from my group join me in that interview. It means that I would do the internship without my friends.
St. Nikolai's tower
Totally alone there! Well, maybe it was my faith. I just try to accept the reality and accept my faith as it was. At least, to be optimistic, I left Freibug and started a whole new life in Kiel. That would be a very challenging life experience for me, as I got used to live with dozens of friends sorrounding me, ready to help in every ways especially if something wrong happened to me.

In short, early in the morning, I went to Freiburg main station and jumped to ICE train that would bring me to Kiel. As I had surveyed before my departure, I decided to stop by in Hamburg. Actually, there were two options available: Hamburg or Bremen. Both cities were very interesting and deserved to be observed. Unfortunately, I had to choose because, as usual, there was no time to do sightseeing on both cities.
Alster Lake
Since Hamburg is larger than Bremen, I chose that city. Maybe I will visit Bremen later when I have already moved from Freiburg and stayed in Kiel.

Hamburg is a big haven city. From what I read, it is the second-largest container terminal in Europe after Rotterdam. It is among the world's busiest transhipment ports as the gateway to the markets in north, central and eastern Europe. Also, as the bridge between continental Europe and the rest of the world. Furthermore, it plays the role as the most important overseas port for Scandinavia and central/eastern Europe.

Soon after I arrived, I went to St. Nikolai church. I'm kind a freaking maniac to see European churches. Every town that I visited, I will definitely go to its church or cathedral if there is any.

St. Nikolai reached its golden times during 1874 to 1876 as the tallest building on earth.
Now, it is only in ruins after being bombed in World War II. Its function changed, became the memorial landmark of peace, the same as Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church I saw in Berlin.

There was another church to see; St. Michael. I didn't go there. That was a great loss because it is the main landmark of Hamburg. From 132 m tower of St. Michael, one can view the whole panorama of Hamburg city and the harbour. I did not go to Reeperbahn either which is famous for...  find the answer by yourself :)

Though, I am glad I had the chance to do a short city tour around Hamburg. Next time, if I travel to Germany again, surely I will visit this city for more sightseeing. So, aufwiedersehen Hamburg!

ariwardani says:
Hi Cedric, how are you? I just read your comment over here, reminds me about Hamburg again. Have a nice weekend!
Posted on: Nov 02, 2012
lamadude says:
Nice pictures :)
I visited Hamburg last year, also because my train stopped there on the way to a small town in northern Germany (Flensburg), I was alone as well and saw pretty much the same places you saw, how funny! :)
Posted on: May 09, 2009
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Im Hauptbahnhof / The Central Stat…
Im Hauptbahnhof / The Central Sta…
St. Nikolais tower
St. Nikolai's tower
Alster Lake
Alster Lake
Nice German cars!
Nice German cars!
St. Nikolai
St. Nikolai
Back to the train station.
Back to the train station.
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