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Cycling the "Worlds most dangerous road" from La Paz to Coroico has been one of my travel wishes since the beginning of my trip. There are hundreds of companies you can choose from nowadays to cycle the road. Our hostel heavily promotes the company Gravity, who do have a very high safety record but also charge the most for the ride (600 bolivianos).

We decided to go with a company called Vertigo They have really good bikes and full face helmets. The cost of this company is 480 bolivianos. We had recommendations from several people to use them over the last few days. The company was fantastic, they heavily focus on safety. They stop reguarly along the route to offer advice on the upcoming track. They also continuously check the brakes on the bikes.

There is now a new road to Coroico which takes away alot of the danger from the new road. However there is still a trickle of traffic that makes its way down the old road. The main thing to watch out for on the road is your positioning.

I got a bit freaked out previous to riding the road on the number of blogs written about the death of a tourist earlier this year, especially as the guy involved rode with Vertigo. However the ride wasn´t half as bad as I feared. I spent most of the time watching the rocks on the ground that you sometimes dont even see the cliffs on the side. It was touching though to see the corner where there was 20 crosses marking the peopls death.

I would definitely recommend Vertigo now for the ride as they really take safety as a priorty without completely overcharging. They also throw in a free cd of photos and videos they take along the way and a cool tshirt.

After the ride we had lunch just outside Coroico. My brother and I had already decided to stay the night in a play called Senda Verda. It is a family run animal sanctuary. The place is amazing, all sorts of animals are running around the grounds. We stayed in the newly built treehouse. The accomodation is basic but comfortable enough with our sleeping bags.

The accomodation costs 96 bolivianos a night and includes breakfast... also important for Bolivia hot showers! You are also able to get dinner there, which was delicious trout on the day we stayed.

The place has a really nice vibe about it so you could easily stay longer and just surround yourself by animals. My brother has actually decided to now stay here and volunteer. They offer a programme for a minimum of two weeks. Unfortunitely this means for me that in a few days time Ill be back to travelling  solo. However I think this may be good for me as Ive become lazy over the last few weeks with meeting other travellers!





jlchatham says:
Sounds like a fantastic ride!
Posted on: Aug 14, 2009
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photo by: Belluomo