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Ok my last day in Ecuador was pretty hiddeous. I had planned to have a leisurely day relaxing the day before my flight to Santiago. But this unfortunitely it wasnt the way it panned out.

I thought first of all I was lucky because on the bus from Baños to Quito my bag got slashed but nothing was actually taken. This was my day bag that I had between my feet for the entire journey. I always thought this was safer than putting it up in the baggage holder but it turns out the criminals have a new technique. Ive now learnt that this has happened to lots of people in the last few weeks so beware. They literally cut the bag from the seat behind underneath where you sit.

So nothing got taken "then" but literally 1 hour afterwards I got mugged. I got into Quito and took the metro bus into the centre. This was really close to my hostel so I decided to walk. There is a park in Quito El Ejido near the Casa De La Cultura which I walked though to get across to another main road. I believed the park was safe as there were couples in there with babies, groups of students... but unfortunitely for me also muggers. Ive now learnt that this park is targeted alot by the same group of young men.

The three men surrounding me and took out knifes. This probably was the worst thing about the whole situation as my safety was threatened. I always thought I would react in a calm way and just hand over my things but instead I got really mad. I started screaming at them. In the end I think this helped me get away with my wallet and passport which were in a hidden pocket. One of the guys was trying to cut my pocket open to take them but failed. In the end they got away with my day pack, so camera (all photos from Colombia and Ecuador : - ( ), ipod, jacket, phone that sort of thing. No cash, cards or passport... which are a lot more valuable to me. And most importantly I wasnt injured by the experience.

My advice now is to avoid this park and area if possible. And get a taxi over to your hostel! Its easy to say these things in hindsight. If only if only!!

I decided to write about this not to scare people from coming to visit Ecuador (South American countries already has a bad enough reputation for this sort of thing). But just to forewarn people that of course there is a real potential for crime to any place. Just more so when your carrying items which could be sold quickly for a lot of money. So just keep your guard up and carry as less as possible!!


world-traveller123 says:
Sorry to hear about what happened. I Was also in Quite, Ecuador and almost got robbed in the city. Around after dark, to which I should have not been out anyways. But i was chased by 3 muggers and I was able to get away. Overall, ya i know what you mean. But in the end we all ended up safe.
Posted on: Oct 25, 2009
geerbox says:
Sorry to hear about that :(
Yes Parque El Ejido is not the safest
Posted on: Oct 09, 2009
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