Boothill Graveyard: The Graves of History, the Known & Unknown

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Breakfast with Greg prior to driving to Tombstone, yummy pancakes!

Many of the graves were marked "UNKNOWN" - Boothill graveyard: the graves of history.

As I stood by the grave rows and read the individual tombstones, I felt a chill go down my spine as I wondered if I would like to have a grave marked as 'Unknown", that means no one remembers them?  How sad that of the many lives one should be that of an unknown soul. That testifies to what violence can do and how our lives are but ashes in the wind. I talked myself into believing that when they lived, they were known and as time passed by, their names were taken by the wind . . . to better places where names are of no consequence.

I have always wondered why a history so grim and spine chilling is so popular that it attracts millions from all over the world to visit a place yet so limited geographically and in situation.

Boothill Graveyard
It adds meaning to "there is no news like bad news", the bad news of Tombstone has sold for over a century - now that is BAD news. Many call it history, others an Identity of a people long gone, others say it is the omen of the Native Indians and others quite simply do not care. The place of wasted lives, scattered hopes, and empty dreams: a place reminiscent of mis-spent lives.

Greg walked around like the typical tourist, ticking off the names of the dead on his list and concentrating on the formerly notorious outlaws, whose names nor resound more than those of heroes. He went from Row 1 to the second last before we decided to move on to the next stop. The sun was high in the sky, clear skies and no parking: it was Saturday and it seemed Tombstone was having a great visitor’s day.


Africancrab says:
How did you like it?
Posted on: Apr 25, 2009
frankcanfly says:
I was just here today!!!
Posted on: Apr 24, 2009
Africancrab says:
As many as I can - which means anytime a friend comes into town or wants to visit Tombstone and I'm available ha-haa! that is funny.
Posted on: Apr 22, 2009
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Breakfast with Greg prior to drivi…
Breakfast with Greg prior to driv…
Boothill Graveyard
Boothill Graveyard
Greg going through the list of the…
Greg going through the list of th…
Greg driving to Tombstone
Greg driving to Tombstone
Greg happy after a feast of pancak…
Greg happy after a feast of panca…
Gregs breakfast
Greg's breakfast
My breakfast, I like bacon more th…
My breakfast, I like bacon more t…
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