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I arrived in London yesterday.  The flight was delayed due to paperwork that had to be completed to leave L.A.  Jill met me at Paddington station, which was quite a doozey trying to find her in.  When I finally found her, we walked along the canal in Little Venice to get to her and Itamar's place to drop off my things and freshen up.  We then head out to walk along the Thames River.  We had yummy tapas at Brisini; then, we went on a Haunted London tour.  The tour was semi-entertaining with some actor in a cloak with a painted white face.  My fatigue started kicking in about halfway through though.  It didn't help that it was dark out.  Towards the end, I got my second wind.

To finish off the night , we went to the local pub, Prince Alfred. Then, we came home, played Mario Cart on Wii & ate cheeses & cured meat like salami from France and Belgian chocolates. It was a yummy start to my trip. 

Today, April 19, Jill, Itamar and I took the tube to South Kensington to visit V&A- Victoria and Albert Museum.  We checked out statues, fashion and jewelry.  Believe it or not, there was a pair of Calvin Klein underwear on display.  The jewelry section was AMAZING!  Diamonds encrusting silver and gold necklaces, brooches, rings tiaras and bracelets.  I think I could handle wearing that ;o)

After V&A, we walked a little further and popped into the Natural History Museum.  I just took a few pics and bought some children's books for my collection.  After that, I departed from my Jill and Itamar and headed over to Harrods.  I was tempted to buy some of the food there, like beef and brandy pie, but I really wanted to find fish and chips.  I walked over to Boots, which is a brand they sell at Target, but it's actually a pharmacy here.  I bought a few items on sale 3 for 2.  Not bad.  Plus, it was cheaper here.  I also went down the street and got a map and a magnet.

I wound up finding Tattersalls Tavern, which is a pub on the way to Hyde Park.  I ate my fish and chips with peas.  The fish was yummy, the fries okay and the peas undercooked, but that might be how they like it.  Along the way to the park, I stopped by Brompton Church to take some pictures from the outside.  Someone had asked me where I was from and I said California in the U.S.  Duh!  Everyone knows where California is.  He said, I know where that is (you stupid American).  I know of San Jose and San Francisco.  He didn't call me stupid, but I could sense it and I felt it.  Once I reached the park, I couldn't believe how big it was.  At first, there were a lot of children playing on the playset.  Then, I came across all sorts of people- young and old.  There were quite a few couples with a bit much PDA.  There were tons of football (soccer) teams practicing.  There must've been at least 13 teams.  The park is the cool place to hang out.  There's a lake in the middle where people can paddle boat or just enjoy the view.  I wandered about with a direction in mind, but I wasn't 100% sure of which way to go.  I finally saw a sign for Paddington, so my initial thought on the direction was right, but it just took a little bit of winding to get there.  I finally found my way back to their place.  I knew I was close when I saw the sign for Warwick Ave station.

Tonight, Itamar's friends from Belgium, who live in London, came over for tacos and Belgian style margaritas.  Their margaritas are similar, but use a sugar syrup to sweeten it a bit.  It was yummy.  Jill made carnitas, baked sweet potatoes and sauteed onions and peppers.  We also had chips, guacamole and salsa.  It was all delish!  The sweet potatoes went inside the tacos, which was surprisingly a good complement to the carnitas, which had some kick to them.  We had brownies after that to satisfy our sweet tooth.  After eating, we started playing Wii Fit.  I am no pro, let me tell you.  We also played Wii Fit earlier in the day and I could not hit the football with my head for the life of me.  I kept on hitting the shoes and panda heads though.  Tonight, I had my shot at hula hooping.  I did poorly with everyone here, but at the end of the night, I wound up beating Itamar's high score by about 11 points.  HAHAHA!!!  I can rest peacefully.

I'm off to bed.  Tomorrow, I'm off to the British Museum, Westminster Abbey and whatever else I find along the way.  I also need to get my train ticket for Paris.  It's booked; just need to print it.

Til next time...
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