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OH MY GOD!!! Well, remember that time when i said that the train journey from London to Manchester was going to be hell? Well i didn’t expect it to be THIS bad. Its the Friday of the long weekend in easter, which kinda makes it good Friday =P and the train from Euston to Manchester has been cancelled because of a fatality on the tracks. PLEASE FIND OTHER ROUTES... ha, ha, ha.

I went to the information desk which seemed to be unusually crowded, i wonder why and there was a lady standing in the middle of the room with people around her asking for alternative ways to get to their destinations. The alternative route from euston to Manchester which would take about 2 hours, was from St Pancreas International Sheffield line to Liverpool Lime St then Liverpool to Manchester, which would take, approximately 4 hours, in overcrowded trains with people doing exactly the same thing that i was doing. Thankfully I was able to use my ticket that i had for the original line. I would have been sooooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed off if i wasn’t able to. I didn’t really ask but I just showed them anyway. I wasn’t going to pay for another one, hell i woulda waited at euston til the line was open again and gone the next day if i had to. True story, Im a tightass lol. Anyways i didn’t fit on the 2 carriaged train that left Liverpool to Manchester so had to wait til 11:11 for the next... again, with a million other people doing the same thing. We all crammed on like sardines to that next Panine Express train and i was the last person to fit on right on the door. Noice. Spoke the whole time to the guy on the other side of the door, Paul, also from Australia, working in London as a science teacher at a high school. His sister just moved from London to Manchester and he was delivering the rest of her stuff. Need anymore info about him?! Just ask lol.. jk. Its good, its good. Back in Manchester now, time to unpack and start looking for a temporary job!! AND I HAVE OFFICAILLY FINISHED MY AFRICAN BLOG!! WHOOOOOOOP, dude that took forever!! I’m proud of you for getting this far lol. But if you cheated by skipping heaps, or all the days, I take my proudness back =P


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