Harnas Day 9

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Food prep today!! Its good cuz there’s no risk of horseriding in the afternoon!! Haha We finished at 10:30 so I read some of my ‘boring’ book and listened to my mp3 player. Free time after food prep was ok – I sat in with the baby lions to read my book and watch them with a couple of other people that were in there also. Blackey was being so cute and crawling all over Martina when she lay down. Then he came over to me and started chewing my book, yeah, THAT’S HOW GOOD IT IS!! =S. We put everyone in groups today at the tree (everyone as in the new people) and guess who got put in my group, 3!? Yeah – RACHELLE!! Lol she was so funny when she got sent over to our group. She just ran over hell dorkily and was like “Hoi Goiii’s!” (Aussie translation: “Hi guys!”) It was so funny. Other than that really it was quite a boring day. We had a big group of guests for the afternoon tours, there were heaps of people! Charlotte and I were going to do our cheetah rap but it wasn’t a good day with Afram. He was hissing and pouncing then meowing and purring then hissing again the whole time and refused to go up to the platform. Charlotte had to nudge him with her stick a couple of times. Mikkel told us afterwards that we shouldn’t yell at him because that’s a ‘sign’ that we’re getting scared and that he was testing us by doing what he did. Not good kitty kat!!
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photo by: Kayelem