Harnas Day 8

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Butt, Legs and Thighs are SOOOOOREEEEEEEEEEE!! It’s good though! My morning activity today was to help Sebastian build a new cage for the Wildcat kittens. We had to use scraps from everywhere, so its a bit shonky but fine nonetheless =D It took until 12:30, so just in time for lunch! Not much happened during that time that was worth reporting on!

Getting brownerrrrr!! But peeling at the same time but shh, I can easily ignore that fact and just focus on my tanning haha.

 The cheetah rap got brought up again today.

It would be so good if we did it all the time and taught it to the new people and guests. We would so die laughing! This morning received new injuries which were from the wildcat kittens, putting them into their new little cage that we built. For three tiny kittens it was a HUGE house!

Lion walk anyone?! That was my journey for the afternoon – it was so much fun and I took heaps of photos but they weren’t THAT great. The front of the camera is now broken and it goes funny when it’s in black and white – it started to anyway. I’ve sorta been able to tell the boys apart. Pax is the easiest to tell apart with a big scar on his face that runs down the side of his nose, Maddox has 3 spots on his nose in the shape of a triangle, Brad has lots of little scars on his face and Knox is nearly perfect. They are beautiful! When we were out walking them Corey came through on the horses after Roné warned him that we had lions in that area.

That really annoyed me because I had Zippy – on the leash, who nearly snapped my wrist while trying to go after them. The lions stalked them as well, but never went far as they’re too lazy pretty much =). Luckily Mikkel came to pick us up only a few seconds after this happened. Three brumbies had come past earlier too but they never stick around long enough for anything to happen which is good. They’re too afraid of people, or anything that moves really! Zippy went mental at them of course though, and 2 of the lions eyed them threateningly. I think its pretty funny that when we take the lions for a walk, we let them roam free but have to keep the dogs on the lead for the sake of the horses and game animals haha.

The first thing shell said to me when she saw me this afternoon was “OH MY GAWD YOU’RE NOT WHITE!” WOOOHOOOO!!

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photo by: Kayelem