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No shower this morning =( I hate that! I’m such a morning shower person! But I know that it is so much more convenient to shower in the evening here considering what we do all day every day. We came to the village kitchen for breakfast, then before doing our group things we all went to the lapa to say goodbye to the 18 people leaving today. That took nearly 1 and a half hours, then we split into out groups to organise the activities.  I volunteered to do the tour. It turns out Godfrey and Etosha left already at the usual 9am time. So Nadia and I were left behind. We got to hang out with Tammy and the baby 1 month old lion cubs. They were so gorgeous and the sounds they make are so amusing, when they’re yawning, or when its feeding time, or when they play with each other. Its exactly like the sounds Simba makes in the Lion King =D! I managed to get a few photos and videos, but nothing special =(. Rachelle arrives tomorrow, it will be good to have her here and share things with!

My arms have browned up today which is ‘yay!’

OH MY GAWD! Attack of Jacobi’s crew!! The Tree at Three was ok, although somehow I knew I’d be up for a big afternoon =S I should just stay on foodprep! Honestly! I chose baboon walk, well, I didn’t have a choice really it was either bareback horse riding, and I’m still pretty cut up from the last 2 days horse riding or a baboon walk.

I should have expected to get damaged either way. For starters – it took us ages to get going, Ashima went back to get changed, or put on MORE clothes, for fear of being stripped by Jacobi’s group. Rather un-necessary though. While getting pick pocketed I successfully managed to remove my phone from its pocket to my other hand while whoever searched me went to the pocket on the other side. I lost 3 bobby pins to hair grooming techniques and stuck the last two on my shirt only to have them ripped off again by Jacobi at our 2nd tree stop. I managed to save one and lock it in my fist so he couldn’t get to it, but he tried harder and I just let him have it to save any inter species arguements. He put it in his mouth then dropped it in the dirt 2 seconds later. Thanks for nothing!! My pants got ripped twice while being pocket searched. Once at the front pocket and down my right leg and later at the back pocket....where my right bum cheek is...no comment.

It seemed to be going ok after that as I was being protected by one teen baboon who appeared to be a little fond of me. He ate near me, sat on me and fought off any other baboon who got too close.

Then, out of the blue, Jacobi started humping me. I told him no and to stop doing that – WHICH he apparently didn’t like, so he tried taking off my finger. It’s kinda kool though – if it scars. I’ll have baboon wounds haha. So far, after one week at Harnas, my injuries are:

1.       Sophie bruises on my right shin from her bites.

2.       Two scratches on my right leg, one on my stomach and one on my back from a gang up in the lion enclosure =) I <3 Lions!!


       Two scratches on my left finger and one on my left thigh from Cadbury walking me through thorn bushes.

4.       Three bite marks on my left pointer finger thanks to a certain annoying baboon named Jacobi!

That’s the story! Over dinner, we made a cheetah rap to get them up to the platform at feeding times with music. And spend an hour or 2 laughing about it and the trouble we could get the new people in our group into by teaching them the cheetah rap and that that’s how to do it “All the cheetah’s in the house get up, all the cheetahs in the house get up! All the cheetahs in the house, come on let me hear ya say whey ohhhhh, all the cheetahs in the house come on let me hear ya say whoa whoa!”

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photo by: Kayelem