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The leg we used to cut meat from for the animals. Yeah, Glamorous!!

Got up for breakfast and meeting this morning AND managed to get my morning shower, so was pretty happy with that!! As usual (for Harnas newcomers anyway) we were on food prep today and should be again tomorrow. Apparently there are 18 -20 people leaving on Thursday this week and 11 new arrivals, including my buddy ol’ pal that I pretty much grew up with at home in Australia and am currently living with in England! It would be nice if she ended up bein in my group or cabin even, but our cabin is full. She might be put in with two other girls that I arrived with who are sharing on their own, although I’m not entirely sure how much she would like that as one doesn’t talk much at all and the other one talks HEAPS!! She’ll be fine though. Food prep was done sooo quickly this morning, technically we were finished by 10:15ish and had fed most of the animals by 10:35.

Afram sitting next to the empty milk bowl means: "No! You cannot take it away yet!"
Feeding the 5 adult cheetahs today, I was allowed into their enclosure for the first time. They’re beautiful! I really want to be able to tell them apart. Marte said that Nikita has a black scar on her face and Afram is the male with the white tip on his tail. The males are slightly larger than the females so they are quite easy to tell apart when all 5 cheetahs are around.

We then went to go and clean Sophie and Frikkie and Gracie’s enclosure. Roné decided that she wanted to spend a little bonding time with them so she said she’d do it herself. Fair enough, it isn’t a big job – just to change their water and rake the sand in their enclosure, so I left her to it and went to sit with jaws for 10 minutes. I went back to help Roné bring back and clean any buckets and rakes she used and you could only imagine the sight I saw: their water bowl had been pulled out of the ground and tipped over with water everywhere, Gracie was jumping around and doing handstands all around it and Roné’s hair was all over the place with mud up her legs haha it was quite an amusing sight.

Nothing is more important that food right? Yeah, he's just checking to see if there is any milk left in the other bowl.

Next we had to go to the cheetah’s enclosure because a young cheetah had escaped from her new enclosure and into the adult’s while the 6 ‘baby’ cheetahs were being moved. They’re not exactly babies anymore, but they were once upon a time, they’re still known as the baby cheetahs though. But anyway!! The point of the story is a baby cheetah had run into the enclosure of the adult cheetahs and we had to get her back into her enclosure.  Everyone who was around had to go and help out, by the time I got there, there were a few people already inside trying to lure her back. I stood around the side of the fence between the guesthouses and the croc enclosure with 2 other people, to stop her jumping over the fence.

Yes, you are tall and pretty. And no, those spots do not make you look fat honey!
We were armed with sticks from the nearest tree, which ended up being a thorn tree. Luckily she didn’t jump any fences, because she would have either been croc mean or tapped on the head with a thorn tree stick. I don’t know about you, but getting tapped on the head with a thorny stick doesn’t exactly say “Hey – I like you, and Im just trying to help”

Willis and Brendan were on either side of her again the fence – inside the enclosure, gradually inching closer and closer to her with a blanket to carry her in, if, being very optimistic, they somehow managed to catch her. The morning tour group arrived back in time to see the end of this mini adventure. The little cheetah hissed a bit, pounced in a few different directions after Brendan took a step too close for her liking and then bolted up a tree.

Godfrey feeding the crocs on afternoon tour =P
The bushmen tour guides Godfrey and Etosha jumped the fence to help out. A couple other volunteers had just came back into the enclosure with a transport cage to put her in, when caught, while they moved her to the enclosure she was supposed to be in. Godfrey used the cage to stand on and pulled her out of the tree by her tail. After a bit of a struggle, with a young cheetah running around a foreign enclosure with a human attached to her tail, she managed to somehow, find her way into the cage with the help of more than a few people.

OMG GUESS WHO GOT IN WITH THE LIOOOOOOOOONS!!? I LOVE THEM! On coming to Harnas the lions were the animals that I thought I would enjoy watching and spending most of my time with. They didn’t disappoint today.

Brads the one closest to the camera, the one at the back is Pax.
I walked in to sit down off to the side and under the tree in their enclosure because all the other “newbies” were all trying to play with them at once. I was happy just to watch and BE in their presence. One of them came up behind me and tried to pounce, but I got up quick enough, sunnies fell but I caught them and got them first even though we both went for them =S. Next thing I know, I’m getting pounced on from behind, SOMEONE grabbed onto my brastrap (“someone” because I really don’t know whether it was Brad, Maddox, Pax or Knox) They’re GORGEOUS! I’m in love and I need pictures! The only thing that I find really dodgy about them is their names! Because they are all males they are named after the males in Angelina Jolie’s family. Personally, I’m not a fan, but naming the most gorgeous animals after her and her family is criminal!! Apparently she is the ‘patron’ of Harnas and has visited once before. She wasn’t void of her bodyguards and high maintenance lifestyle mind you.
Cant really tell who it is from the ass.. lol but this is what they did for the majority of their time.

I left the enclosure to get money to buy tokens at the Lapa (Harnas’ form of money is in tokens, just to make things easier), and on the way out, got bit on the bum... sorta. When I came back in, I was being watched, then I began getting stalked. We were told that they wont pounce if they know you’re watching them. So, I said “Look kiddo, I can see what you’re trying to do and it’s not gonna work, Im watching you”. I kept walking though and pretend that I’d forgot about him, so he started running full on at me. I spun around again laughing at how cheeky he was and he stopped in his tracks and changed direction.  I LOVE THE LIONS!!

Our group was on Sheep and goats today so we counted them into their enclosures about 6pm, after the bush men herded them near enough.

We then went back to the village for dinner which was rice, chicken and mushroom and gem squash which tastes like pumpkin!

The vet came today and had a good look at Geoters (the male cheetah who is left to roam on the grass and open area outside his enclosure. He’s the cheetah that the guests are allowed to get pictures with even though he’s not a big fan of posing, or paparazzi). She cut some skin off the side of his face where his absyst was. He didn’t look too good afterwards and nearly collapsed in the afternoon when we were looking out for him. Poor li’l old cheetah boy =(

nicolecarp says:
Your stories about the lions remind me of my dog. He looks more like a mini pony but still large in size and very sneaky. He also thinks he is invisible.
Posted on: May 04, 2009
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The leg we used to cut meat from f…
The leg we used to cut meat from …
Afram sitting next to the empty mi…
Afram sitting next to the empty m…
Nothing is more important that foo…
Nothing is more important that fo…
Yes, you are tall and pretty. And …
Yes, you are tall and pretty. And…
Godfrey feeding the crocs on after…
Godfrey feeding the crocs on afte…
Brads the one closest to the camer…
Brads the one closest to the came…
Cant really tell who it is from th…
Cant really tell who it is from t…
Feeding the Cheetahs
Feeding the Cheetahs
Playing with Boney
Playing with Boney
Boney sucking his paw
Boney sucking his paw
Artisticallical... wanna be anyway…
Artisticallical... wanna be anywa…
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