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Instead of leaving straight away after the morning meeting we were told that we had about an hour to kill so i went back to the village to drop off the things i was leaving behind to the droppy offy place and then made my way back to the Lapa, with a stop off at the lions, baby lions and through the courtyard with rodger and willy and tosh. Kinda hard not to really. I didn’t say goodbye to my big man Jaws, i hope he’s not too shitty at me. As I was leaving the courtyard to go back to the Lapa, Valentine ran up to the bell at the tree and rung it. Obviously we were leaving a little earlier than expected. Frikkie had just finished his meeting with all the group leaders and coordinators. And it was just him, Tammy and Jayme who saw us off as everyone else was already into their morning activites. To be fair, I wouldn’t really enjoy getting hugs from people with blood all over their hands from food prep =P. Small send off’s are the way to go I think. It was good. I was excited to be leaving because I knew that i have a lot of other things to be doing too. And I know I’ll be back...one day. I know if it is in a couple of years, which is when it will be, all the animals will be different and these guys may not even be here which will be sad, but even though it is so much about the animals, its the lifestyle as well. Anyway, i didn’t cry at all... until Frikkie opened his mouth, then my eyes started to well up, but pfft, so did Melissa’s haha. He gave us all a hug goodbye and when it came to me he stopped, pointed and said “I still have your letter, write me some more.”

Of course I said ok. And then my eyes started to water. Tammy was crying too, more than us haha. She’s really sweet, although we didn’t speak all the time, we had had some good conversations and get along great, she seems to make everything personal. Its a nice feeling.

In the bus, just after we got outside the Harnas gates, Charlotte and Melissa asked if I’d said goodbye to Jaws, they were horrified when i said that i didn’t. But hey, i don’t want a big stupid baboon making me cry, and he would have. Lol.

Melissa and I had amazing chats the hours being at the airport. I think from her convo’s I’ve decided how and some places that i want to go around Europe!! So stoked!! The result is Europe, by coach.

The 6 hours we were waiting at the airport for our fight flew by talking about travel and work and family and friends. We met up with Marte and her boyfriend and had lunch in the cute little restaurant place at the airport and it was so cheap!! It worked out that for a chicken and mayonnaise toastie with fries, and a hot chocolate cost $N78, which, at the rate I got converted cost about 5 pounds. Oh, and there was a large slice of chocolate cake in there too (which admittedly i could have done without. Oh and this was over the space of a few hours by the way, we didn’t snuffleuppagus it all down!)

We got on the plane and they showed the new James Bond movie. The opening scenes are shot in
Siena in Italy whoop whoop, totally going there, haha, yep, thats how bad I am. I wanna go everywhere!! =(

carlymarie123 says:
I was at Harnas just a few months before you, in February. Reading this brings back so many amazing memories! I can't wait to go back!
Posted on: Sep 28, 2009
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