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Melissa and I went on tour today as is tradition for most volunteers who are leaving the next day. Thekla and Charlotte did something else, what on earth could possibly be more exciting?! huh?! yeah thats rite, Nothing!! Because of the time difference change in Namibia last Sunday we had no guests for the 9am (Harnas time) feeding, so off we went. We decided to keep the same time at the farm to keep everything as it was. I don’t know why it would have been just as easy to move everything back an hour and have lunch at 12 instead of 1 etc.  As usual we went to feed the baboons first, and while we were there found an injured baby!! I swear, I had not seen anything like it on anyone OR anything ever!! This poor little creature looked like it had just stepped off the set of the first Pirates of the Caribbean with half of his body normal and the other half skeleton.

At first he was sitting down so we didn’t notice anything. Godfrey picked it out straight away though and told us he wasn’t right. Melissa had her camera and took a few snaps to show Schaalk and Frikkie back at the farm. We wouldn’t have been able to show them until tomorrow at least though because they had both left the farm for the day. Schaalk was on holiday and Frikkie had left after our morning meeting to go further up north to have a meeting with a tribe. Oh Gawd, you should have seen his face when the plane came and landed on the runway to pick him up. He hates flying. He thought he was going to be driving. At least this way he’d be back in time for dinner =P. Anyway, the baboon was only a young one, maybe a year old? Jo, Schaalks wife said it was most likely that he’d got too close to the bordering enclosures and got caught by either the leopards or the wild dogs and they’d got to him through the fence.
It looked horrible, half of his leg and arm on the right side of his body were nothing but rotted bone with bits of skin hanging off. Sorry bout that last sentence, shoulda warned you hey. Anyway it wasn’t pretty. Marietta was told as soon as we finished tour and so was Frikkie when he got back. We fed the vervets while we were out there with the Mielipop too, you know, get the kinda boring and messiest animals out the way lolNext animals to feed were the lions. I love them!! (just in case you didn’t know, in case i haven’t said it enough already =P). Godfrey spent a good amount of time at each enclosure telling us about each of them and about Hemmingway and the other ones who have died. It was really interesting, but i don’t know how much of it is actually true though, Ive caught Godfrey out on a few facts before ;).
Next we fed the Wild Dogs who are really quite annoying with the sound the make, CONTINUOUSLY! As well as the constant fighting and yelping for food. Usually they get fed intestines and organs and meat if they need to put pills in them etc. Today we watched Kerrianne and one of the new people feed them, Melissa and I are casually chatting in the jeep while they’re getting fed and next thing we know this white thing shaped like a star goes flying over the fence. It was a whole goat and my hands immediately went to my eyes, Immediately in this sentence is roughly translated as 2 seconds to stop  talking 1 second to view the spectacle and roughly 4 seconds to register what it was. Then 0.0003 seconds to cover my eyes lol. Immediately =7.0003 seconds. While it was a shock to the system i couldn’t help but laugh.

Godfrey then got a call on the farm walkie talkies at 10am Harnas time (9am Namibia time) saying that we had guests for the morning tour and to come back and collect them. This was the end of our glamorous mini and personal tour group as the new people were from South Africa here on a holiday. The rest of the tour was then commentated in Afrikaans. Yeah – spewing, One of the other main reasons that I wanna learn Afrikaans before I come back to Harnas. Sneaky – I know, but so worth it =). So, we went back to pick them up, and it wasn’t just a few, it was a jeep full amount of people!! So much for our comfortable shitznizzles!! There were 2 little boys too. Oh gawd.

Because it was tour we pretty much had to go and do everything again, for nothing other than to let the guests to see the animals. Obviously we hadn’t enough meat to feed them for a 2nd round but Sam ended up getting fed twice so Godfrey could get him to come up to the fence for the guests. Elsa and Sara the two lionesses in the enclosure next door come forward to see what the fuss was about as well. After we went around to the baboons (where not one came out), lions, and wild dogs again we got to the cheetahs. They are always fun, even our 5 at the farm, they always provide a bit of entertainment and get your adrenaline up and running. The ones out here on the lifeline aren’t as patient as they are though. We go in and whoever is on the job for tour sits on the trailer while we drive to the centre of the enclosure and feed them all once they’re there.
A day hardly goes by where a couple of them jump onto the trailer to take the food for themselves. Its fantastic!! There is a live, hungry, cheetah pretty much on your lap fumbling over you to get to the meat in the centre of the trailer. Melissa, the guests and I were all in the jeep though. It was Kerrianne and Roman’s job to do the feeding. There are still lots of ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’ though =). After the cheetahs we left their enclosure to feed Missy Jo, Hexi, Patcha, the caracals, Casa and Honkwe, and then finally the last group of wild dogs where nothing too interesting happened.

During the afternoon i had several animals including Rodger the baby baboon and Schitzo, one of the house cats sleep on me.

After the tree meeting at 3, Melissa and I went to pay off our account at the office raked up by me with souvenirs and her with bar tabs lol. The rest of the afternoon we hung around with the lions. Gilly was nice enough to let me put my memory card in her camera so she could take photos for me. Tammy let us feed the babies tonight with bottles, we had to pat their stomachs them afterwards too. I had been supposed to do it since Monday but something had happened each night that kept taking priority, grr. We went back to the village early to place our handprints on the roof with enough time to let them dry by tomorrow morning to sign and get ready for our farewell dinner at the Lapa at 7pm. Mikkel joined us at dinner tonight, we had chicken kiev’s and chips =D, and some salad of course! Yummm. It was nice, just the 5 of us, kinda annoying that people always get to talking on the last nights though, but hey that’s standard, right?

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photo by: Kayelem