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BLOODY FILM CREW AND FRIKKIE!! You cant MAKE these animals do something if they don’t want to, or haven’t been trained to do it before! The 2 people aren’t as stressed as Frikkie, whos running around busting out orders and then changing his mind and then busting out new orders which were opposite to what they were in the first place. Lucky I never got in the way of his commands lol.

This morning’s activity was to take Cleo and Pride out to the back enclosure for a ‘walk’. I say ‘walk’ because the camera and sound couple who made up the entire film crew wanted to come too and of course everything was going to have to be staged and recorded. If they wanted to see what it’s like at Harnas they should have just filmed what we do, as we’re doing it, and sure theres no harm in adding a few treats for them - like the cheetah run. They shot me with Cleo for ages while I was grooming her in the shade after they plonked down a few hours in.

We met at the tree at 3 and I was assigned to Baboon walk with a lot of other people. Considering the fact that i wanted to do food prep before I left, today turned out absolutely GRRRRRRRRR and cuss-worthy and gawd, for lack of a better word, bullshit!! I got bet by a baboon that i was actually getting along with. I’ll start at the beginning shall i??

Ok so, there were a few of us so Frikkie told us to take out both of the teen baboon groups; the group which is now only 4 (they one my group are in charge of feeding) and Jacobi’s group of 5. It started out ok, but i knew something was bound to happen cuz the only 2 guys that came out with us were Rob who got there a week after me (and when we did our ‘Fear Factor’ challange to get the baboon, had his watch stolen and spent all the time in their enclosure trying to get it back instead of getting Etta to finish their task, so he definitely doesn’t have any ‘boon’ dominance), and Sandra’s bf who was in the last group to arrive and hadn’t spent any time with them to MAKE them respect him. In other words we were pretty much skrewed. And I, especially, as I took my phone and camera. Thought i was being smart about it by putting them in my pockets, doing each zip up and hiding the zip with the flappy bit of material that is conveniently there. Nuh uh. No siree, No can do.

Jacobi was sucking up the whole time, nibbling my legs as we walked, jumping on my shoulders, playing with my sunglasses. I handed my sunnies over to one of the other ones to get them to behave. As soon as he destroyed them, he lost interest. So did the rest of them. We started waking over to a tree and Jacobi walked along side me and held my hand, odd rite? Yeah, thats what I thought. Next thing you know, he’s spotted the shine of the sun on my zip, secretly pulled it down, stolen my camera and listened to a few choice words.

He sat looking at it.

Bit it.

Tried breaking it in half.

All the while having me beg and plead him to give it back. “here!! Have my headband! I’ll trade you!”

Turns out my headband wasn’t shiny.

He declined the offer.

I was weighed up with 2 options, risk losing my camera and every photo I had taken in the past month, or risk horribly damaging the skin  that keeps all of my vital organs on the inside of my body.

I chose the camera, but I didn’t risk my body.

Jacobi just run off and up the tree.


There i was, standing underneath a tree with several baboons in it, 2 of them fighting over MY camera. One of them pulling everything out of it, battery, memory card, flappy thing that holds them in, and me, looking up and yelling a mixture of abuse and pleads at a stupid baboon.

Just as i’d lost hope one of the female baboons started screaming in the direction behind me, and we all know that what the female says, goes. The rest of the baboons started screaming, dropped everything they were doing (no matter how shiny or interesting it was) and ran to her aid. Thank Gawd. But what kind of state was my camera in?! And would my memory card still work!?!

Verdict, camera wouldn’t turn on at all, and the lens are stuck out for good lol sooo no way of testing anything else just yets. GRRR.

In my journal I went on to write about how much I hate baboons and I hate everything... and it went on for 4 pages lol. Seems i was a little angry.

At dinner that night, Nicola, one of the new girls let me use her camera to see if my memory card would still work, and it did. I think I told her I love her.

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photo by: Kayelem