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This afternoon I spent the time between lunch and 3pm with Jaws. This guy kind of grows on you. I cant sit near the gate though, unless I wanna sit in slosh and mud. It looks like the guys just cleaned out his enclosure. Because it’s concrete as opposed to all the other enclosures, the water just runs out wherever it can, and this time, it was in my sitting spot! So i sat on the log a ‘safe’ distance away and had the big rufflehead just stare at me strangely while I wrote. I’ve realised over the last few days that my friend Jaws, is a legs man. Whenever any of the girls walked past wearing short shorts his tongue would go – which is his way of talking. He’s such a perv.

The gate was busy this afternoon and for some reason it appeared to be MY job to open and close it instead of the passenger in the car.

.. grr! Frikkie came through in his ute on some important mission as he always is =). Not long after he went out again. Before he drove out he called me over to the driver’s side of the ute, wiped his mouth and pulled my head in. He whispered “Thank you for my letter” in my ear. It was nice to know he liked it, and it was equally, perhaps even more nice to know that he didn’t lose it lol.

Charlotte pulled me away to the side of the pool after lunch to do a psychological quiz thingy. Just for fun =P. It was about a desert, a box, a ladder, a horse and a storm!! Which ended up telling things about your ego, your family and friends, your ‘love’ and what happens with them all when things don’t go too smoothly. It was really pretty accurate. And not to mention very entertaining when we tested it on other people.

I helped out on the afternoon tour after our 3 o'clock meeting and took a couple of pictures of Hexi getting up into his tree. Hes such an angry leopard, don’t know why he got the pleasure of being in the enclosure right next to Missy Jo. Or maybe thats his problem, that he cant  get to her mwah ha haaaaa. We just take the guests around the Lapa animals for afternoon tour, and then go out to feed the baboon and vervets on the lifeline. The cats and dogs (haha i just made that sound so domestic, the Leopards, Caracals and Cheetahs and the Wild Dogs) only get fed on morning tour but we went around to see how they were going =). Frikkie had been giving me second looks this afternoon, Im glad he seemed to like the poem. We were in the lion enclosure playing around with the boys before going out to feed the lifeline monkeys. Frikkie shot me a smile after he got ambushed by Knox.


I bought a packet of dried guava after dinner from the bar... and a kitkat chunky, but ssshh ;)

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photo by: Kayelem