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It’s Sunday, so we’re supposed to have a day off, and TECHNICALLY, it is a day off. I sat with the lions for a while with Charlotte and watched them maul us, and a sleeping bag, which if anyone asks, we don’t know how it got in there =). Mr. Notorious managed to get my bag and drag it through the ankle deep puddles around the perimeter of their enclosure while I went and gave Hendrick and Godfrey a hand pushin the car out of the garage. Knox is such a twit! A Rebel without a cause! He didn’t HAVE to do that now did he!? He knew he was being a pain in the ass as well and thats when he ran to the puddles and dropped my bag. GRR. I got it back though, i used the tyre that they aren’t too fond of. Next we went in to sit in with Cleo, Pride, Duma, Joanie and Goeters which was nice too – they are the ‘tamer’ cheetahs. Usually Goeters is outside roaming the grounds and Cleo and Pride are in a separate adjacent enclosure to Duma and Joanie, but Duma and Joanies enclosure had the sheep and goats in it for a few days to do a quick mow down of the grass and I guess Goeters was just in there for fun lol.

This was all before we went off to bushmens church service and what an experience that was! Singing and dancing and a priest that got into what he was saying. Charlotte’s been twice before with a different preacher each time. She said it was really different, but of course it will be depending on who you have running the show. There was a young girl in the choir who was so cute and her voice was so big! She only looked about 12 years old but she was sweet. I think the kids brought up here are, or will be so much more mature for their age.

Theres a meeting at the tree scheduled for 4pm today which is strange because it is a Sunday but there are a few things goin on around here so its not as if it had come out of the blue. After lunch I spend the few hours until 4 in the lion enclosure writing. Knox ate half of the 3rd page of my journaling but he seemed to enjoy it so good for him lol. I wrote a poem that I called “Better Than I” about the lion and considering im leaving this week, decided to give it to Frikkie as a thank you.

He passed by on the way to the tree when i gave it to him along with a short letter.

The meeting ended up being an informative session letting us know about the film crew that were coming tomorrow to film us with the animals. I volunteered to feed Frikkie and Gracie this afternoon as no one else wanted to really. We did everything together so the new group could see how things were done and how to behave and feed our specific animals. Sebastian told the group that id trained the kids how to behave and talked it up a little. I smiled. I know i didn’t teach them jack shit and so does Sebastian, it happened accidentally one magical April Fools day.

I sat with Jaws all afternoon today, well... it seemed like all afternoon but it was really just an hour i think. Time goes pretty fast when i spend it with him, even though in theory, if i thought it was all afternoon but was only an hour it should be going slow?!  Gawd i don’t know, but it seems to go fast most the time anyway =P.

I hate it when the bushmen go past though, Jaws doesn’t like it which made me think they mistreat him. I found out that they do today. First a couple of them  started pretending to push me around which made him go nuts – and it worked! Jaws started grabbing for me to protect me. Then they got a broom and started poking him with it and pulled it away when he grabbed it pulling it in. It was extremely unnecessary and they wound him up so much. He was SO angry and drooling and screaming after them. When he finally calmed down 5 minutes later, and returned to sit in front of me, i pet him and his skin was hot and sweaty under his fur. I don’t understand why they would do that. For starters, they work here AND they’re grown men! Get a life!  And secondly this is a place for animals that have been previously abused or orphaned or other things, they aren’t animals that just came here for no reason.

Godfrey came up to me after the soccer game that we have on Sundays and asked if he really lets me touch him and that he’s seen Jaws defend me.

It was cute. Gilly came and sat with me by his enclosure for a little while. Shes one of the new people who arrived the other day we got talking and I learnt a bit about her and her family at home and that was nice too. She seems lovely. She saw how close I could get to Jaws and had a few questions and went to sit down. I pulled her a little closer to me and further from the cage because Jaws had the devil look in his eyes. Lol he went for her. But he was unsuccessful.

I showed my card tricks at the table after dinner tonight. Totally kicked ass, BOOYAH.. never showing my secrets though. NEVER I TELL YOU!


Better Than I


His eyes are a window tinted Sepia.

They hold no animosity, or jealousy. No acceptance of failure or guilt. His eyes are as golden as the April sunrise, yet they are always a round to admire. They never set beyond the horizon. He unintentionally uses the fire in his eyes to burn a hole into yours and steal your soul. Perhaps he knows he is doing it. Perhaps it is his plan.

He know himself better than I know he knows it.

On a good day his name is Knox.

But that he doesn’t know.


His temper is as wild as his appearance. He knows what he wants and its his. But to sleeping watchmen and unattended belongings, he’ll take what his young heart desires.

When watchmen wake and fuss for their bags he lets up to no such avail but let him be merry for the minutes he holds and he’ll let go to let be reclaimed.

He knows himself better than he lets on.

Most days his name is Knox.

But that he doesn’t know.


His heart is as pure as the dawn of a new day, as water fresh from the spring. No misguided intentions or fears to hold back. No skeletons buried to keep hidden. He does what he does for its all that he knows how. He plays to enjoy, he sleeps when he wants, he eats when he can and he loves the intention he gets.

His heart is where it belongs. He is where he belongs.

He knows himself and what he is worth.

His name is Knox.

But that he doesn’t know.


I also know that with his golden eyes, his wild self and his pure heart, he’s stained the edges of mine. It too is now roughly golden, a little wild and longing for the purity of freedom and self worth.
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photo by: Kayelem