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Peach Yoghurt for breakfast!! As well as porridge, but OBVIOUSLY not together...thats just ludicrous!

I’m Kinda glad that Im leaving this week but only because I have so much travelling ahead of me. I’m not looking forward to the train from London to Manchester though, thats gonna take forever! And then there’s the bus from Manchester to the apartments, THEN Im home =).


I’ve got a kitkat chunky in my bag... whoooooop! It might not be there soon though =S


Was on food prep this morning, which means food prep in the afternoon, as usual.

We went in to feed the cheetahs without sticks and they were good. Afram was fine, cept he ate 2 pieces of meat. Charlotte freaked out a little and just threw the meat instead of hand feeding them so one of the girls missed out on her breakfast.

Fed Frikkie and Gracie with absolute ease this morning – same as the other day. They were great! As long as i walk in there knowing what i want to do and doing it with confidence they’re fine. I think maybe in their little cage of a world they might have some sort of respect for that as well. I dunno. I have made it kinda boring though, theres no fun in baboons behaving lol even if it does mean coming out with war wounds. I really have to work on getting photos WITH the animals and not just OF them.

After lunch i went to sit with Jaws again until the meeting at 3, poor lil man, no one ever sits with him. The meeting was pretty standard for a Saturday. The new people were put into groups and we showed them the rounds, and our animals.. as ya do! We went in the 5 cheetahs without sticks this afternoon and judging by previous stats, the afternoon feedings are generally more exciting than the morning feedings.

And today wasn’t any different, perhaps even MORE exciting =D. Today i learnt that if Charlotte and I were in a life or death situation, she wouldn’t hesitate at throwing me out to the sharks. Just envision an Afram style situation:


Charlotte walks in through the second gate, without taking a stick, after saying she’d feel more comfortable taking one in because we had the buckets and she had nothing.

KATHRYN: Charlotte, aren’t you taking a stick?

CHARLOTTE: No, lets go!

ALL: Up Cheetahs!! Up Up!

Afram approaches head on blocking the girls’ way down the path.

He jumps and hisses. Charlotte pulls Kathryn in front of her. Afram does the same to Alex and Kathryn and Charlotte quickly walks through the gap left open in the path and heads towards the platform. Afram follows, but again blocks her path. Charlotte pulls the bucket held by Kathryn further to the left towards her and Kathryn nearly drops it as Charlotte runs behind her for protection.

CHARLOTTE: Sorry! But i don’t have a stick!! I didn’t mean to do that but you have a bucket!!

ALL: Cheetahs, up!! UP!

The girls successfully make it to the platform to feed all the cheetahs and make viewing the afternoon cheetah feeding exciting for the watching guests.

Lovely. The end.


Last night was a great sleep out.

The sleep out to end all sleep outs... well minus the sleep part. We had the boys alllllll night. Two for Alex and two for me, plus fatty boombah Tara and Zippy of course. Pax was out and war broke out before we could even put our mattresses out. The moment it hit the floor, it was bombarded with lions. So yeah, there was a bit of manoeuvring to try and get on. At this point there was no ‘in’ available. Usually you can get IN to bed, but tonight it just seemed that the main priority was getting ON the bed. I think i love them most when theyre sleeping. Lol no of course not, thats no fun,but it does save you getting bitten and scratched and peed on. In the morning they are gorgeous! Coming up for hugs by snuggling their face and full force of their body past your face and on to your shoulder and then burrowing themselves in a big kitty embrace. OH. MY. GAWD!!! They are sooo accidentally coming home with me.

During the spare time we had after afternoon feeding Charlotte and I spent time playing with the baby lions while she recovered from her big cheetah ordeals lol. Hence the unrelated baby lion photos attacking this entry =)

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This chameleon was hanging around …
This chameleon was hanging around…
photo by: Kayelem