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Met at the Lapa this morning after we woke up to Jamie informing the rest of us in our cabin  that Frikkie was planning to take away our fire ‘privileges’ and unplugging the solar power panel at the showers in order to “toughen up”. Yeah, haha on us Jamie, you’re cruel on April fools day. I’m usally quicker than that, but cummoooon give me time to wake up!! =P.  Everyone was on food prep today because the people leaving on Thursday always get the Wednesday off to do whatever they want, and because there is a lot of them leaving and so little of us left – we got the wonderful job. Not that it was a problem, because i love food prep! It was just a little... ok, a LOT over crowded with everyone trying to do the same thing on the space of a concrete bench made for roughly 12 people, but today had 20. Our group managed to survive the volunteer drought though, while everyone else wilted down to about 4 people per group, we remained standing with 7! So, just a bit crowded.

There were hardly and left overs left over to pick out for the baboons so that job was pretty “blech”. Willy was running around all over the bench while everyone was trying to work. There he was sneakily stealing cut up fruit and raw donkey meat. And what was so good about our group?! Couldn’t you go bother someone else for a little while? Please? Horrible little monkey. Because we were all doing the same job today we got stuck into our cheetah enclosure and because we did the waterhole a couple days ago we got stuck into the weeding and clearing the path from the gate to the platform. Yep, got stuck into that one with the shovel ripping the weeds out and turning the sand over at the front again and on top of the platform and collecting the bones and poop. We finished close to 12:30 and felt quite satisfied with the mornings achievements!

We released Rudy the blesbock today so he’s free to roam around the farm and wherever he wants to.

Frikkie and Willy playing through the fenced enclosure. They're both terrible as Monkey's are...
We have to train him to keep away from people though because when he used to be free he was getting close to people and while some encouraged him to do so, others pushed him away so he was getting mixed signals and confused. He was put into a large enclosure out the back of the farm behind the horses and sheep and goats so he would have less human interaction and therefore forget any bad habits he may have previously picked up. As soon as he was released he ran straight passed everyone and down the path... heading straight to the volunteer village. He obviously remembered where the people where lol. Later when we returned for lunch we found him sleeping behind a cabin near the showers. Seems he hasn’t entirely learned his lesson, the rest was up to us.

Well wasn’t it a lovely mid afternoon shower today?! We were supposed to go and sit with our baboons for an hour to keep them company before beginning food prep and the God’s must have seen how distressed that made us so it suddenly pelted down with rain =)!! I spent a little time with the baby lions in the courtyard and snapped an absolutely disgusting picture of one of them crawling around and pulling faces behind my back.

Frikkie pretending to be interested in something most likely because he stole it from someone
Would fit in seriously well as a member of KISS! When the rain let up I went to sit with the crazy boon teens.

Feeding went as usual with the exception of Frikkie and Gracie. I was so proud of myself!! Im unintentionally teaching them manners because Im so mad at them! No one ever wants to feed them because usually they bite, scream and steal the bowl off whoever walks in and they hoe into their food throwing it everywhere and taking whatever they want. I’ve decided that I’m the boss this time. Before entering, I prepared myself as much as I could. I rolled down the legs of my pants to save my legs, I took off my sunnies, headband and any other loose items that they could steal if they got angry at me for not letting them have what they want, I stepped through the gate and had Frikkie jump on me straight away to nick the bowl.

But I didn’t let go.

He gave me a dirty look.

Rudy the blesbock

I gave him one in return.

I kept walking further into their enclosure.

He screamed and looked at me harder.

I held on tighter to the bowl.

He jumped off me and tried to pull the bowl down at the same time.

I held on.

He screamed again and ran up to the flat roof of their small house. Gracie followed.

I stopped

I Blinked

I opened my eyes and they were still there.

Sitting silently and patiently waiting for me to give them their food.

“You can NOT be serious” I thought. I totally just kicked some Kid baboon ass!!

This was the beginning of a new way of life.

I just realised that I’d made the world a better place.

By standing up to some little kids with an attitude problem I saved future enclosure trespassers from black and blue legs and less afraid of feeding two wreckless monkeys. I kept my little succession to myself to the rest of the day to see if they’d automatically do it again for the next person or whether they’d take advantage again and go back to their old ways.  

After afternoon feeding today I spent a whole lot of time with Jaws scratching him at the gate at the front of his enclosure that I didn’t dare go to the other day. I was there with him all afternoon until other people would come over. I don’t know what exactly his deal is. He’s nervous around people, or a lot of people must bring back bad memories or something? After moving around in different positions (depending on where he wanted to be scratched) he eventually sprawled himself out along the ground and enjoyed me scratching him. Strange boy that one. He slowly inched further to the non gridded section. I pet him for a second through there but not too long in case he turned around and ripped my arm off. He can move extremely quick when he wants to! We were having a good ol’ conversation here.

Godfrey had noticed me sitting with him the last few days and came up and playfully pushed me around. Jaws went nuts... NUTS! He was getting really protective and tried to reach for me to pull me in. Aww looks like I have a little someone watching out for me. Either that or he’s like a jealous ex who wont let me talk to anyone else lol. It was interesting to see him behave like that though. I’m not too sure whether it was just because he didn’t like Godfrey or because I’ve been spending time with him. He paced around for a couple minutes after Godfrey left then sat back down across from me again and pushed himself against the gate so i could scratch him
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Frikkie and Willy playing through …
Frikkie and Willy playing through…
Frikkie pretending to be intereste…
Frikkie pretending to be interest…
Rudy the blesbock
Rudy the blesbock
photo by: Kayelem