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Today, I woke up. Lol fancy that!? “It was a lovely day, but I didn’t want to greet it” as Rachelle said over breakfast haha. We went to bed at 8pm last night but for some reason we were both really tired still!  For some reason, our meeting this morning was at the Lapa. Weird... still not sure why we were up there. Sebastian said we’d probably have to go up there for the rest of the week because Frikkie will have to have meetings with the bushmen at 8am filling in for Schaalk while hes away. Just my luck to be put with Anja today in charge of my 2 most favourite animals on the whole farm (can you sense the sarcasm?! It’s oooooozing out of that sentence). Frikkie and frickin’ Gracie. We were supposed to take them out on a walk and correct me if i’m wrong, but in order for that work you have to be able to get them out of their enclosure, right? When we went in (on our first attempt) they were fine, then Anja left to get a blanket for us to carry them in and to play with and they schitzed out.

..ON MY LEGS!! Biting and latching on, not happening kids. You can’t react with baboons because they’ll just make it 10 times worse. So I kept my cool, swearing at them calmly, im guessing im right when i assume that its not as if they understand those words, just the tone of your voice in the way that you say it, so there I was swearing at them in ‘lovely’ voice. =D And slowly, getting to the gate so I could save whatever natural coloured flesh on my legs that was left. Not long later Anja returned and we tried again (attempt number 2). While we could get one the other would play chasey and hard to get. You’d think that they would actually enjoy going out for walks! They are so well behaved when they get out, but as you are probably aware now, the problem is actually GETTING them out. After half and hour trying we figured that they didn’t want to go and so just spent time with them. Well Anja did anyway, I sat on the outside scared for my life lol. No actually, they don’t make me scared, they make me angry - just like my brothers used to when we were younger. Geoff and Todd both had the ability to make me see red and these guys were learning pretty fast.
But the anger instead of fear turned out to be a good thing (which I figure out feeding them tomorrow)!

For some stupid reason I thought it’d be a good idea to take my journal and pen on the walk with me, and don’t get me wrong, it would have been a good idea, but only ONCE we were already out there. Otherwise I was just asking for things to be stolen, broken, ripped, and eaten, and not for any reason, but just because they can. It’s times like these when anger, quickly changes to ANGER!! On attempting to get these ratbags out of their enclosure, some young, annoying male (not naming any names *cough* FRIKKIE *cough*) found the pretty green fluro pen that i’d borrowed from Shell.

Shell, if your reading this then Im sorry you had to find out this way. I still have the pen and it still works... but this is the reason I haven’t given it back lol you don’t want to see what it looks like now - trust me.

At first Mr. Pen had been reported dead.


Murdered by means of drowning.


There were 2 immediate suspects;


SUSPECT ONE: A dark, hairy male 9-12 months old, large sepia coloured eyes, no distinguished features or markings reported, approximately 40cm in height when seated, last seen running and screaming for no reason at a calm intruder who swore in a soothing tone when the juvenile attached itself to her legs via his teeth.


SUSPECT TWO: Almost identical to the previous suspect but female, slightly smaller in stature, last seen doing awkward looking handstands around a newly installed concrete waterhole, known by locals as Prissy Miss or Princess due to her OTT behaviour in order to be the centre of attention.


When it was safe for the rescue team that consisted only of one brave soul (the earlier enclosure intruder), to re-enter the area, she located the victim and abruptly removed him from the environment in question to proceed with C.P.R.

It was then reported that Mr Pen’s vitals were still present and he was then transferred to the Volunteer room for further supervised rest before beginning a strenuous rehabilitation programme that was to begin later that afternoon.

After several days of rehabilitation exercises, Mr. Pen has made a full 100% recovery and is back to his full time job distributing ink in an organised fashion around lined pages.

Both of the suspects were charged with attempted murder and grievous bodily harm and were sentenced to a 2 hour walk along the east/west running airstrip of the Harnas property.


After lunch I listened to my Mp3 player after giving it a bit of life via the Harnas computer room (we could go into another criminal report here but twice might be too much lol) I headed up to the farm to sit with Jaws and keep him company. Plateau by Nirvana came on and it reminded me of a few of the guys I used to hang around at home. Cue the daydream/reflection minutes of the week before moving over to the tree for the three o’clock meeting.


Looking for a “wild” cheetah with an absyst = UNSUCCESSFUL! We had to scour the enclosure on the lifeline like we do when we have to find a missing person in muddy waters for bronze medallion tests. Of course we didn’t find her though, and of the 21 cheetahs that inhabit that area, we only came across 8 or 9 of them. So hmm, sounds like we did a great job! We did, however manage to find Missy-Jo waiting at the joining fence everytime we ended up at her end. She would push herself up against the fence begging to be pet as us true Missy-Jo style. Gawd I love that leopard!! xo

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photo by: Kayelem