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All i wanted today was a shower!! I don’t care if its cold, or hot, or dribbling, or not! I JUST! WANT! A SHOWER!! I have blood and guts all over me and that doesn’t really make me happy. There’s no water in the showers at the moment because the tap out at the waterhole is on. The reason that there is so much crap all over me?! Well, it started just like an ordinary Harnas morning... *cue magic sparkly chime noises*


There we were sitting at the breakfast tables in our groups designating morning activities.

Seeing as though my last attempt at tour turned non-existent, I decided to give it another go. And I just so happened to pick the WORST DAY EVERRRR. For starters it was messy BEFORE we set out, because Godfrey and Etosha had to cut up all the meat for the rest of however long, week or 2 maybe?! Not entirely sure. Anyway, 4 or 5 donkeys later... we had to separate the meat and put what we were going to use today on the back of the tour jeep, ribs for the lions, intestines and guts for the wild dogs, cuts of meat for the cheetahs and leopards etc. Blech!! Going to sleep so good tonight, having to lift heavy buckets of Mielipop to put on the back of the trailer for the lifeline baboons, and the bloody, meaty buckets of meat for the bigger animals. The next disappointment for the morning tour activity was that we didn’t have any guests, so we just rushed through the feedings, the first half anyway (Baboons and all the lions). The vet was out today doing something with Sam in his enclosure and a few people were watching.
On driving past we picked up a couple of visitors over for the wedding on the weekend. Jo’s (Schaalk’s wife) brother’s getting married at the church on the farm and using the area as the grounds for the wedding. It’s a beautiful place to get married but it meant that we had to go on a little ‘excursion’ on Saturday and Sunday to stay out of the way. We could have easily stayed down at the village as we would have been there anyway for our ‘off hours’, but no... Frikkie had other plans for us, which ill get to in the next entry. BUT moving on, we picked up a couple of guests to finish the tour with us. We fed the wild dogs, in one side of the cheetah enclosure to feed them and out through the other, then on to the beautiful leopards, caracals and larger wild dog enclosure to finish, where the top half of my body got splattered in dead donkey artery and heart blood thanks to a certain Anne throwing intestines over to the dogs un-co! The guests spoke Afrikaans so the second half of the tour was in a language that i didn’t fully understand.
Some words I could pick out but still not helpful enough lol


When we finished the tour and came back to the farm I went back to the village early to light the fire as that was the job assigned to my group today from the rotating roster. I was a little happier as shower time was fast approaching. Thank Gawd that the bush ladies were around cleaning the cabins and doing their jobs or I would have NEVER and I mean NEVER in a million years been able to get it lit. Who knew you had to remove the Ash first?! Lol.. well I had some idea to, but meh! So we got the fire lit and it was awesome and fantastical and roaring and all that great stuff.

.. not that it ended up mattering (is that a word?! Is now lol) anyways because there was STILL. NO. WATER!!! The stupid water hole tap was only supposed to be on for an hour a day!! If I knew where exactly it was I’d go turn it off myself but NAG DAMMIT how hard is it to get a shower around here!!? Any other day would have been fine! (Except for the one when I got covered in kid baboon faeces).

But anyways, the bright side of this morning activities was checking out all the animals for the first time properly! On enclosure patrol you don’t always get to see them as they’re off somewhere in their enclosures preparing themselves for lunch!!  The leopards are awesome, and the cheetahs are crazy. The caracals jump so high and the wild dogs make the funniest noises.


This afternoon my job was to help Sebastian with the lions’ houses.

Because the boys are getting bigger and jumping around on their little houses they are doing just a little bit of damage they were buckled and bent and falling apart. It would have been easier to pull them completely apart and rebuild them new ones, but that would have taken a few days at least. So in the afternoon we had we just stabilised them as best we could. Don’t know how long they’re gonna last though haha. Pippa, Sandra and I made a little cat ledge for the lapa cats to sit and feed on. We decided to paint it and had a lot of fun doing it... only to realise many coloured body parts later that it was oil based paint. Yep... bring on the petrol!!!


All in all, today was an EXTREMELY messy day!!

Bed was the best thing that ever could have happened to me today!!

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photo by: Kayelem