Harnas Day 14

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Most the people that I arrived with left today. I volunteered an extra activity this morning to help with the sheep and goats and take them out to their new enclosure way out at the other end of the airstrip. It turned out to be a 45 minute up and back walk! When I had returned, the lion walk which i had originally volunteered for hadn’t left yet so i still got to go out and join them. Zippy was a great help out there today, the boys got distracted with a camera case that they stole off one of the newer girls so they weren’t entirely interested in walking anywhere. When I went back to hussle them, Zippy came with me. She stuck by me most the way but when I started calling the lions she run in front to where they were and rounded them up for me. It was a very interesting sight. Lol. We managed to get all four of them up and moving again and back to the road for a bit of a walk until they zonked out under the next block of shade, which was a usual lion walk.

When Mikkel dropped us off he handed over a summary sheet for me to fill out about the mornings activities with the lions and what they do or stalk. When the boys had found a nice bit of shade and parked their rear ends, I took it out to mention Knox's childish behaviour earlier lol. He knew it as well as he fought me for the page. either that or he was making up for being an ass and was trying to help... doubt it though =P

I’ve been thinking a lot about home and Australia in general recently. Africa reminds me a lot of it. Where I am in England, there is no way that id be able to just sit outside and look at the stars like we did last night.

I woke up to a message from my younger brother Todd at 4:30am this morning: “Hey loser, whats doin’?” Nice one, idiot. Lol he misses me, I know he does.... haha see that Todd?! Now the whole world knows you miss your older sister! Well kiddo, suck it up princess lol.

Ok so as much as I love my lions.. doing a lion walk 2 times a day isn’t THAT fun, it would have been nice to do something else but hey if i had to do something twice a day " Im glad i got the lions.
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photo by: Kayelem