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We had a good start to the day today with a huge pot of porridge brought down from the lapa for us. This happened every now and then, sometimes they brought down bacon and sausages and egg and tomato... but im really not a big breakfast person. Porridge is good though, especially made unhealthy drenched in maple syrup =P. Didnt get that great of a sleep though. I woke up this morning to Pax gnawing at my face and hands at about 1:15am then got bombarded by the rest of them at about 6am.

Today’s morning activity was taking Duma and Joanie for a walk around the huge enclosure at the back of the farm. It was a little annoying because we had to follow them everywhere for the whole 3 hours because they could easily slip through the fences if they wanted to.

There were horses and cows on one side but nothing on the other which was okay – because evidently Duma was more interested in staring out at trees and random bush. Having said that im not entirely sure she knew the cows were out the other side!? Duma and Joanie are sister cheetahs. Telling these two apart isn’t too hard (when you can see their tails anyway) as Duma has a white flick on the end of her tail and Joanie’s is completely black.

I spent a bit of time with the lions after lunch before our afternoon activities. I sat outside on the concrete table writing and watched Shell delicately place herself in between the boys who were sleeping on the ground in front of their platform. It was funny. Gawd she makes me laugh. Lily the house kitten kept me company on the outside shes pretty good at that, besides the fact the she wants your complete, undivided attention.

Frikkie is an absolute nut case!!! (Frikkie the baboon, not Frikkie the co-ordinator). I have HUGE bruises up my legs from his hissy fit from when we went to take him out for a walk with Gracie this afternoon. Sophie has been moved into the nursery because she was causing too much trouble in the enclosure with the two kid baboons. But fear not, she is with Hendrix, the new ‘outsider’ from the teen baboons that we feed. They seem to be getting along really well and Sophie’s behaviour has changed for the better (although she still loves her food and stuffs it all in her mouth, saving it in the pockets in her cheeks before she eats any of it) since she has moved however, Frikkie’s behaviour has gone downhill. SOMEONE’S teeth marks had drawn blood on my left calf, SOMEONE had given me 2 and a half bruises on my right leg and around my knee and specially designed bruises on my thigh.

Kinda like the shape of Betty Boop’s lipstick mark... but made with teeth imprints. Classy. Gawd he makes me so angry! They schitz out for no reason at all! I never thought that i’d be bitching about a monkey as much as i do!

Frikkie (co-ordinator) got back yesterday and took us out into the bush after dinner. It was great. He walked us out into the lifeline and to a waterhole and told us about the stars and milky way and again, about us as individuals. He’s really good like that, he really inspires me. I don’t know about anyone else but he really has similar values to me when it comes to emotions and thinking
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photo by: Kayelem