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Today at the morning meeting I volunteered to do enclosure patrol which proved to be very good for walking!! By the time we got back to the farm 2 and a half to 3 hours later, at 11:15ish we’d walked 12,500 steps!! (my phone has an inbuilt pedometer), i love it lol. Enclosure patrol includes walking the perimeter around the farm and lifeline checking the electricity in the fences and reporting on the animals and their waterholes as well as any holes under the fences. The first enclosure you get to is the larger Wild Dogs which you have to walk through and around to get to the other enclosures. When we were first told this, the first thing that crossed my mind was “what did I ever do to you?! I haven’t been here long enough to get thrown to the dogs!!” BUT apparently they aren’t phased about people coming into their enclosure.

The Caracals are always hissing at each other
They’ll be interested, but they wont go for you.. or attack you...even if you have raw meat (lol which i’ll explain later in day 21).  I ended up going with 2 other new people from the other groups, so I was the ‘experienced’ one... even though i’d never done this before either lol.. go figure. But hey, what they don’t know doesn’t hurt them – until they ask =D. We walked into the enclosure and read the electricity and the baboon’s fence line at the same time. It wasn’t too bad because we only have to check one side of the fence for the electricity, but we have to walk all the way around the perimeter of the enclosures to dig in any holes. We got to the first corner and moving along that fence we had to test Casa and Honkwe’s line. They are 2 Leopards. The next enclosure was Patcha’s, another Leopard.
Missy-Jo. I want to bring this creature home sooooo much!!
We got to the gate that we were to leave through but we had to take a detour to check for any holes further along the fence where the Wild Dogs share with the Caracals. We took electricity measurements and continued to Hexi’s enclosure. The rest of the track was pathed so we didn’t have any problems with too much bush – other than the person taking the reading measurements from the fences lol. Hexi and the next one, Missy Jo are also Leopards. Other than Lost, these are the only Leopards on Harnas at this time which is a shame because they are beautiful creatures who I would have loved to spend some time with. They are extremely powerful though. Hexi as an attitude problem but Missy Jo is gorgeous. She came straight up to the fence when we walked past purring. I just wanted to jump in with her and play, but if i did, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.
Next enclosure was the bigger cheetahs, then the smaller enclosure for another 5 cheetahs inside the larger one. Neither of these had electricity... problem?!! We then had a little trouble finding electricity anywhere else along the route. The other 4 wild dog enclosures, the lion enclosures: Macho and Simba, Sam, Sher-Khan, Sara and Elsa, Zion and Trust, the vervet monkeys or Suly, the African Wildcat, who has an oddly large enclosure for someone who is apparently as small or smaller than a normal housecat!! I never saw her though. Probably would have crapped myself, as we all know the smallest animals always end up being the most dangerous. I can imagine her being exactly like Puss-in-boots from the Shrek movies. Cunning little kitty...

My afternoon adventure was a lion walk with my 7 month old boys.
One of the girls who joined us arrived at Harnas the same time as I did, but wouldn’t let the poor little things do anything!! She wouldn’t let them play with each other, or play with things they found, or get momentarily distracted for 2 seconds by something in any direction other than that of which we were walking... oh gawd, just CHILL OUT!! Let them play as much as they like!!..I’m sleeping out with them in their enclosure tonight and if its possible, i would love to get some, just SOME sleep. So the aim of this lion walk is to poop them out lol. Today was breakthrough day with me, after all my lion face and markings study, i can tell my boys apart! =D. When we were done I went in my cabin to collect things for a shower and ended up distracted by a very amusing conversation started by Alex and Pippa showing off their war wounds from horse riding that afternoon. Looked suss if u ask me haha
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The Caracals are always hissing at…
The Caracals are always hissing a…
Missy-Jo. I want to bring this cre…
Missy-Jo. I want to bring this cr…
Hexi up a tree on the lifeline
Hexi up a tree on the lifeline
photo by: Kayelem