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Had weetbix for breakfast today – it was great!! Havent had weetbix for so long! I used to have it all the time when i was little =). I volunteered to do food prep this morning to show Rachelle and Ria how to do the food for our animals and realise how much i had learnt myself in the last week! Well done me! Haha. Ria sounds a lot like my younger brothers girlfriend back home which was... umm.. weird. That all lol. She even has the same physique! Because our group was rostered on cleaning today – we had to clean the food prep area after everyone had finished. It’s not that bad, especially with three people doing it.

We had sandwiches for lunch which was awesome because everyone is in love with the home made buns that we got there.

Today they were still warm by the time we ate!! O0o0o0h heaven!!

Alexis – one of the team leaders – had asked for people to help out with the sick wild dog this afternoon. No-one volunteered, probably because it was Sunday and everyone was hanging for their day off. Not even the people who got out of food prep volunteered to help. I said I’d help out, i mean its not like its a hard thing to sit next to a dying African wild dog to make sure his drip stays in. I went in to do my dog shift 3 – 4:30 ish and it was all skin and bone and getting rehydrated via an IV. She couldn’t move at all and every now and then I had to lift up her head, put a bowl of water underneath her mouth to see if she wanted to lap some up. She was a pretty sad sight. I was still sort of scared to try and get her to drink though, just in case she was ‘pretending’ to be so extremely sick to lure people in to her “eating zone” and then WAH PAH CHOW!! The world continues with one less Kathryn.

Kicking soccerball ass saving a goal
The dog’s ears were huge and fluffy and she just didn’t move at all. You could tell she was alert, she just couldn’t move. Alexis came back around 4:40 and took over for a little while. I left and went straight to my lions to spend a few hours with them before dinner. The weekly Sunday soccer match between the bushmen and the volunteers kicked off about 6pm. It was quite entertaining really. We WERE winning if you classify getting the first goal as being in front. I started as goalie and nearly shat myself a few times but managed to get thru it =D, It was fun!!

Injury update: a few cuts where 3 HeReRe foxes tried fighting over my finger mistaking it for meat... Not Happy Jan!!  


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Kicking soccerball ass saving a go…
Kicking soccerball ass saving a g…
Kicking it back in awesomely lol..…
Kicking it back in awesomely lol.…
photo by: Kayelem