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As I set out I was just going to find somewhere for some breakfast but everytime I turned a corner I though I would have a little more of a look around. The morning went fas and I was meet Derek in the afternoon so I went  to pick up my tickets, just had to find an MRT. So getting my map out for the first time I had managed to wander my self in the oposite direction to the nearest MRT. So I made my way back to City Hall. The Mallasian Railway is very un Singaporean indeed, be ready for no airconditioning and no ATM, so my advice is to get there early and miss the peak heat, bring your money with you or you have a long walk for anywhere you can get some cash.

Derek told me to meet him at hotel 81 on a road you can get to quite easily from where I was however the sign from the buiding in front covered the sign for the hotel so I was looking down the whole road in vein.  When I finally caught up with hin and another friend of mine Fong they took me to a chinese resturante even they couldnt find at first! I actually wasnt all that hungry from all thee walking in the haet but had been really looking forward to the first propper meal of my trip. The food was great and plentiful, I definiately didnt order all this, they wanted me to try everything and I was allready stuffed. So I ended up with a doggy bag for the night train.

In the afternoon they took me to one of the many shopping centers Vivocity but I was try not to spend until I got into thailand ( I didnt realsie how hard this was going to be at the time. The place was massive and you could buy pretty muh anything. Later took an MRT to the Sentosa island tho see my first south east asia beach, was not disapointed and knew they were only going to get better from here. One thing we did miss out on was a night out but luckily for me we stumbled up Cafe Del Mar Derek had no idea existed but still took credit for thinking of going. I bought the first (and last!) round, the prices were massive, I spent 30 S'dollars on three drink and mine was mostly ice. The beach and the music more than made up for it. They were playing some classic Ibiza tunes and there was a nice volley ball game I didnt get involved in, I just watch :)

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