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I arrived in Oslo today.

Im typing on a keyboard that is made for norwegian people, and since it already took me 15 minutes to figure out how to get to an english site (I had to ask someone), Im not going to use all the appropriate punctuation marks. I dont want to keep looking for them. Deal with it.

I think someone replaced the right (starboard) (H√łyre) side engine of my 707 to Reykjavik with a weed wacker motor. Normally people become more accustomed to flying the more they do it. The butterflies go away, and it just becomes another run-of-the-mill means of getting to a far off destination. However, for some inexplicable reason, my mind has done the opposite over the past years. And this noise (read: high-pitched scream) did nothing to dull my heartbeat.

However, true to form, my melatonin got the best of me and I passed out.

This is what I learned about Iceland in the 45 minutes I was there.

(1) 50% of the country believes in elves. (2) The prime minister is listed in the phone book.

This is what Ive learned about Oslo in the 7 hours Ive been here.

(1) You have to pay to use the bathroom.

I wouldnt say I was surprised to see this. But I was still offended. It cost me (dollar sign)1.50 to do my business. But when I walked into the bathroom, it was a rather odd experience. Everything was chrome and dark tile covered in graffiti. Overhead was a eary blue lamp. I justified my (dollar sign)1.50 expenditure by humming Sandstorm to myself and thinking of the money as a cover charge to my own private night club.

Other than that, Oslo is a great little town. And I stress town. Theres not much city to it as the tallest building cant more than 15 stories and he stands alone in its epic dominance. Everything else is no taller than a brownstone. I like it.

Simon (older entries: Thailand) said that this is the first time its been good weather in 3 weeks. I guess I lucked out. Its 80 degrees and perfect out. 

Tonight I will go explore what it means to be a Norwegian on a summer Saturday night in the Oslo nightlife scene. Rumor has it that beers cost (dollar sign)10 each and mixed drinks cost (d...fuck it) 20 bucks each. We(apostrophe)ll see how long this lasts.



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photo by: sarahsan