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Yesterday was one of the longest days of my life - in a good way.

Started the day with minimal sleep, but that didn't seem to make a difference. I felt great all day and I saw 75% of the things I had planned on seeing in my time here. We started out for Stanley Market at 9:30. The bus system here is amazing and you can get anywhere on the island in less than an hour. The coolest thing was being on the second level of a double-decker bus driving on a road that borders a sheer cliff. The driver makes no attempt to stray more than a few inches from the edge, which - as you can imagine - contributes to a great rush of vertigo. Once you are out of the city, the hilly and rocky island with blue water looks more like an island in the mediterranean than I expected an Asian metropolis to.

Stanley was a very cool market, but I don't like to shop. You walk through mazes of narrow walkways cutting through everything from rip-off electronics everything else. We found a bar on the beach which had so much money from different countries on the walls and ceilings, it was nearly impossible to find a spot for my personalized american dollar bill. Each bill has a traveler's name and a note on it. Thousands of dollars, just stapled to the wall.

From Stanley, we ventured to Shek O, which was a cool getaway from the touristy areas. I braved into these narrow pathways through houses looking like the chase-scene from the beginning of Slumdawg Millionaire (but cleaner).

After Shek O, we went to Alberdeen which is nothing to write home about. We were going to go to the water park, but decided not to.

Then mid-levels which is a really cool, really steep shopping and restaurant district which cobblestone walk ways you're better climbing up than walking.

There I met (another) Ari, and this girlfriend Jodi (both Canada). We went up to the peak and watched the lightshow (which must be better from Kowloon because it was nothing spectacular from the Peak).

After than, some noodles for dinner in Causeway Bay, and then to be around 11. I'm well rested now, and thanks to the time zone difference was wide away at 6.

Going to Kowloon to meet up with Ari and Jodi to see that part of town and then I'm not sure of my plan. So far this city is awesome and I could very easily see myself living here and enjoying every second of it.

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