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So I had to travel to Ontario for work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I decided to leave a bit early and then stay a few days later. There is so much going on: the G20 summit, Toronto Jazz Fest, Gay Pride week and today is Canada Day.

I took a cab from the airport and all the highways were closed down so it took an hour and a half via back roads to get into town. Once I got into town, the cab driver couldn't get close enough to my hostel (which conveniently was located in the middle of thousands of destructive G20 protesters), so I got out and walked. The first thing I walked into was two cop cars which had had their windows smashed in and had some doped-up hippy yelling through the megaphone of the car. I continued walking around for an hour or two seeing all the mayhem.
The whole of downtown Toronto was shut down to cars and people were walking around everywhere.

After I checked in (Canadiana Hostel - Really awesome) I went for a walk to find a beer store. When I walked past the cop cars again, one of them was now on fire. I had to stop and take video (Thereby becoming part of the spectator problem).

Video::: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=114500096#!/video/video.php?v=753216011929&ref=mf

I walked around the city Sunday and saw the waterline and such. Worked on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Today (Thursday) I have walked around more and seen some really cool Jazz shows (Note the pink gorilla on the bass).

Staying in Hostelling International on Church street. Well, unbeknownst to me, Church Street is the gay capital of Toronto, so now there's hundred of gay people walking around outside and last night (at 3am) I was propositioned.

"Hey there! Are you gay?"
"No, I'm not"
"Ahhh.... Come ooonnnn... I own a wig!"

And that's that. I will be leaving tomorrow morning and we'll see if anything interesting happens tonight.

Friday Update:

I went to see the fireworks last night. They were by far the longest set of fireworks I've ever seen. There were 3 false endings, and it went on for a total of 20 minutes or so (that's a really long time for fireworks).

Went to the Loose Moose with Dan (Australia), Marei, Vicky and Raphaela (all Germany). Went to bed at 3a. Woke up at 5:45a and now I'm at work. Tired. But happy.

End Scene. Roll Credits. Toronto: check.

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photo by: yasuyo