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Yesterday I left Hong Kong for Bangkok, but before I did I went to see the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island. It was one of the coolest and most impressive things I saw in Hong Kong. The thing is something like 70 feet tall on the top of a huge hill with hundreds of stairs leading up to it. It looks out at a most impressive view of a huge mountain peak with a continuous and dynamic cloud formation flowing over it.

The flight to Bangkok was uneventful. I fell asleep during take-off and awoke on approach.

When I got to Bangkok they gave me a hard time because I didn't know the address of Patti's house, and you need to tell them where you are staying.

Bangkok is a sprawling neighborhood, not a city. It looks the same for miles and miles and miles. Reminds me a lot of a run down, asian version of L.A.

AND, after I got picked up from the Airport, Patti's dad missed the exit. But have no fear. You're in Bangkok now, and anything goes. We stopped in the middle of the first lane on a 4 lane highway (4 lanes each direction, i mean) and sat there trying to figure out if it was the right exit. When we decided it was, he backed up no less than a quarter mile. One of the most interesting things that has ever happened to me, and I'll have to admit as soon as I felt the car slip into reverse I got that "oh no, oh no, oh no...no, what are you doing" feeling in my gut. We made it to the exit safely.

Today we went to the backpacker's capital of Bangkok. Khaosan Rd. It looked like Woodstock '09. I've never seen so many hippy travelers with dreadlocks all in one area. Lots of Europeans, and as I found out from some people we met in a lounge/bar, lots of Israelis.

Leaving for Chiang Mai in a few minutes.
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photo by: Deats