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There I stood on the airport, the first time on a airplane. I was really exited and nervous because I went all by myself. My friend was already in Spain because she did a language course before we went on our vacation.

Finally I sat in the airplane, and we went. I landed on the airport of Madrid were I met my friend. We went to the metro station to go to our hostel. It's really funny because on the internet they said that is was nearby a metrostation. So we were searching and looking for the place but we couldn't find it.  After a while we figured out that we had walked by the place for three times. But finally we were there! We only stayed in Madrid for three days, so we didn't do much there. The first night we did a little of sightseeing and we went to a restaurant to eat. The next day we went shopping, wich was really nice! Because we didn't find anything nice, so our money stayed in our pocket:D

Then we went to Sevilla by train. It was a trip of three hours on an ordinary Spanish train. There was airconditioning, but it didn't work so it was really warm! On a surtain point we tried to sleep for a while. But next to us there sat a man who snored the whole trip. So sleeping wasn't a option. When we arrived in Sevilla we were very tired, but luckely we had a really great hostel! We had one room for the two of us with a balcony:D Sevilla was really warm and there was a lot to see. I don't know everything we did because it's a trip from two years ago..

After Sevilla we went to Cádiz on the internet there were a lot of beautiful pictures of Cádiz. And I can say, it is a great place to stay! It isn't that big but it's nice to relax and go to the beach. We went to a museum there which had ancient sculptures from Cádiz.
Every night we went to the same bar to have some red wine. On the last night the owner knew us en knew what we wanted to drink. We met some guys who lived there and because of them we have a beautiful picture with Antonio (the owner of the bar)

We went back to Madrid to go home, but we still had a few days left there. So we went to the Prado museum, it was very busy but also very nice. I'm glad that we went there, even the row on the front of the museum (45 min.) wasn't a reason not to go there!

After all, Spain was great!!
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photo by: vulindlela