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We had to be up early today as we had a full itinerary to get through. A coach was coming to pick us up at 9.00am to take us to the Mango warehouse for a tour. Plus breakfast was at 8.00am so we had to be up for that.


I got up at 7am after my very enthusiastic room mates decided you needed 2 hours in order to get ready *sigh*


I was first out to breakfast after only needing 10 minutes to get myself ready. The lobby was pretty full with people, probably because breakfast was pretty good. There were rolls, a variety of spreads, cereals, and loads of hot and cold drinks to choose from.


A few of the girls made it down to breakfast but the other girls on our floor were still asleep. Terry was pretty exhausted, and then I found out it was because the girls next door to us didn’t sleep all night, and were pretty much bouncing off the walls. Their room just happened to be sandwiched between us, so the noise I heard and ignored during the night was them. Terry on the other hand couldn’t ignore the noise, so hardly got any sleep, bless him!


By 9am we’d all got onto the coach and were on our way to Mango, which was on some industrial park midway between the city centre and the grand prix circuit, which we were headed to afterwards.


The visit to mango was really interesting, learning about the history and then the production and manufacturing. The girls really enjoyed themselves aswell, only problem was that it was only a short tour, because of time restraints, and there were no goodie bags at the end, much to the girls disappointment!


At about 11am we drove to the Grand prix circuit, Circuit De Catalunya. We were quite early, so waited around for a bit, and were pleased to find that there were a few racers on the circuit training, so we sat back in the sun and watched them go. We didn’t really know if this excursion would go down well with the girls, but they were really impressed.


Eventually we got a tour guide and managed to go inside. The tour guide couldn.t really speak English, and just gave us these radios to listen to, which explained what was going on as we walked around the place. It was pretty dull really. I think the best part was going out onto the podium. We ended up there for a while taking loads of posey pictures!


We were also quite lucky to bump into a few racers in their gear, and I couldn’t help but ask for a picture with them! I love a man in uniform! The girls were pretty shocked at my flirtatious attitude and spent the rest of the day taking the piss out of me!


So after the circuit it was off to Girona to spend most of the rest of the day there.


Again we left the girls to their own devices while we headed to a café to get a light lunch. Walking through Girona was really beautiful, with all the small alley ways and winding streets. It was really cool just walking around and taking pictures of random things we’d come across. After lunch we decided to get some ice cream :D I ended up getting two lots as I couldn’t choose which flavours I wanted. We then headed to the park and I was glad there was a little play area. We all ended up playing on the swings and slides like big kids! It was actually quite funny, glad the girls weren’t around to witness though.


At about 5pm we headed back to the coach, again a little late after get carried away with the swings. The girls weren’t at all pleased, and were pretty annoyed that we had found a park and they didn’t.


We headed back to the hostel, and after a little disagreement with the coach driver, we were safe and sound back at the hostel.


Tonight we were all going to go out for dinner. One, to celebrate Lawrences birthday, and two, it was one of the girls 17th b’day. We headed back to the ramblas but in the opposite direction as the last time, to a tapas restaurant called Txapela.


Again we were quite optimistic with the choice of restaurant as we didn’t know how the girls would take eating tapas. I thought the food was lovely, and a good handful of the girls tried the selection of tapas even if it meant a tiny bite!


That evening I agreed to swap rooms and take care of the girls who just wouldn’t sleep. I later learnt that one of the girls in the room was an insomniac, and so kept everyone in her room awake. Her room mates were exhausted having had no sleep since the weekend, so I (stupidly) said I’d keep her company.


We ended up just sitting up on her bed talking about life and smoking quite a few cigarettes, while her other friends finally got some sleep, half choking in the smoke filled room we were creating. By about 6am I was knackered, and she finally decided to try and hit the sack.


An hour later we had to be up for another fun filled day..yay *sarcasm*

2win says:
lol! im just summing everything up atm! will detail the blog later!!!
Posted on: Apr 25, 2009
lauro says:
LUV it! come on gloat more on the grand prix! hahahaa
Posted on: Apr 25, 2009
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