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Our flight to Barcelona wasn’t due until midday, but we were flying from Luton and so had to make sure we gave ourselves enough time to get up there from London. I booked a minibus to take us and the kids for 9 in the morning. It gave us quite a large amount of time, but we were better off being there hours early, then having to rush 17 kids through security and onto a flight!

The journey to Luton was fine, bar the kids being overly excited and not closing their mouths even once through the whole journey! I was glad I got my headphones! Lol

There were 17 girls on the trip, age ranging from 17-21 (yes there was one student older then me!) all either Travel and Tourism or Business students and 4 members of staff, me and 2 business teachers (Terry and Lawrence) and the Head of the Sixth Form (Barbara). I spent most of the journey to Luton getting to know Lawrence better as even though we work in the same department, we’d never actually had a proper chat before. I was surprised to find that he was going to be travelling through SE Asia the same time as me, so for most of the journey we were discussing travel plans.


We got to the airport for about 11am, and had quite a bit of time to kill before checking in. The teachers got some breakfast, while I hung around with the kids trying to memorise all their names.


After a very late breakfast which consisted of an M&S sandwich and crisps, we headed to the check-in desks. Check in took a while as we had to let all the girls go through first and make sure their luggage wasn’t over the stated allowance, surprisingly none of them had a problem, even though most of them looked like they brought their whole house!


We got through security eventually and boarded the plane. Getting quite used to flying with easyjet now!

I ended up sitting with 2 other students, one of whom got pretty attached to me quite quickly and kept asking probing questions! It was pretty uncomfortable! Can’t say much for the flight though, although it was easyjet so you can’t expect anything less! The kids however managed to get the cabin crew to make an announcement. It was Lawrence’s b’day (I had no idea) and they gave him a b’day shout out which I thought was very sweet of them!


After a 2 hour flight, we landed in Barcelona. We had a coach waiting for us outside the airport which arrived just after we’d all got our bags.


It was a really nice day, the sun was shining, and it wasn’t too hot, but warm enough to enjoy yourself.


The coach drove us to our hostel in Avenue De Meridiana, only 15 minutes from the Ramblas. When initially booking the trip, we were a bit weary about how the girls were going to react to staying at a hostel (note our girls are GIRLS and quite high maintenance), so we were pleased to see quite a pleasant looking building once we’d arrived. The building was pretty big with about 12 floors. It is probably one of the best hostels I’ve stayed at.


Check-in took quite a while, as the hostel messed up the room allocations, and so the girls weren’t too happy about not sharing a room with their besties. After managing to sort all that out, we went off to our rooms.

There were 7 rooms booked in total. 3 on 7th floor: 2 four beds for me and 7 of the girls and one double bed for terry. 4 on the 8th floor: 1 6 bed and 1 four bed for the remainder of the girls, and 2 single beds for Lawrence and Barbara. I think Terry and me got the raw end of the deal as we were stuck with the loudest and boistourest of the lot!


I was in a room with 3 other girls, who weren’t as loud as the others on our floor, but very energetic!


After settling in, the whole group headed to the lobby on the third floor to sort out the evenings itinerary. It was about 5pm and so we wanted to see what exactly we could do. Barbara and Terry decided it wasn’t worth the hassle to do anything major, so we ended up just jumping on the metro to go to the Ramblas and show the girls the surrounding area. Barbara had already been to Barcelona a fair few times so she pretty much had an itinerary sorted in her head for the whole week.


After a very loud metro ride, which took longer then we’d expected, we arrived at the end of the ramblas. We walked all the way up from placa de catalunya to the Port. We then parted with the girls giving them each money for dinner and a time and place to regroup.


The teachers and I decided to head back through the ramblas and find a cheap paella place to eat at. We ended up at a place called Mickeys, the deal being 2 tapas, a paella and desert for 10 euros, which was pretty good. We sat and had a good chat about the girls until it was time to head over to meet the girls and we asked for the bill. The bill came to 80 euros!!! The food cost 40 euros, but then beer was 7euros a pop and I got a lemonade which cost 7euros too! We hadn’t realised how much the drinks were because the prices weren’t written on the menu, but we pretty much paid the same amount for drinks as we did for our meal! We weren’t going to make that same mistake again!


We met up with the girls 10 minutes late, much to their disgust! On the metro home we asked how their evening went. Some of the girls skipped dinner and ended up going shopping instead, while others opted to go to McDs for dinner(this reminded me of you Lauro!). A few decided to have a taste of spanish culinary and also had some paella, but they didn’t enjoy it at all, as one girl quoted ‘there was something squishy in the food, I swear it was a snail!’. We had to remind her that it was the French that eat snails not the Spanish.


We got back to the hostel and I was absolutely exhausted! My foot was playing up quite a bit towards the end of the evening so I had a few painkillers and then after numbing it with some ointment I hit the sack.


I think I woke up a few times mid-sleep due to unknown noises, but I’m a pretty heavy sleeper so just ignored them, rolled over and went back to sleep!

2win says:
Posted on: May 18, 2009
jefrois says:
This job would lead me to drink!
Posted on: May 14, 2009
sarahelaine says:
you're a brave woman...
Posted on: Apr 25, 2009
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