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Shinsaibashi bridge

I met Mickey 2 weeks ago at our meet-up in Osaka. His traveling was continue to Kyuusyu and came back to Kansai area that day. So we decided to meet again! Well, it's summer time. We have habit wearing Yukata instead of Kimono in the summer. It's a casual Kimono.
So I went to the meeting do wearing a Yukata this time! We made meeting at the Shinsaibashi bridge which is very famous place in Namba. I saw a lot of number foreigner at there. While I was waiting of Mickey couple of foreigner took my photo of Yukata.  I understood how is interesting in Kimono from foreigner:)

Mickey brought friend who met at Kyoto day before. He came from Netherland.
We went to Izakaya(casual restaurant) near the bridge.

Mickey and I at the Shinsaibashi bridge
This was a bit strange restaurant. They has an entrance at 8 floors of the building but we had to go down at 7th floor the seat. And they brought us too much narrow the room it was like a Japanese tea room. I wish it was one of funny experience for Mickey and Christiaan in Japan;)

I wanted to have Mickey eat a special food of Osaka which is Takoyaki!  I know he can try any foods already:D  so we decided take it after Izakaya! This is a famous Takoyaki store. But it's already around 9PM so didn't crowd even famous store. We could take it without waiting for long time:)    "Tako" is octopus so I know that some foreigner can't take this. Looks like it was delicious for him:)

At last we were in the bar. We had some alcohol and nice chatting...even I'm not good at English. They were so kind! I really enjoy that time. And Christiaan would be join our TravBuddy soon!

Thank you Mickey, we would meet again someday somewhere over the world in the future!!


yasuyo says:
It changed lately,you will see different location when you come back here again:)
Posted on: Dec 02, 2009
Lilliana77 says:
I loved the Shinsaibashi!! Wow, it's been so long since I was there!
Posted on: Dec 01, 2009
tj1777 says:
I cant find him on my friend list, but I can see one more I have invited have signed up - and he wrote and told me he had signed up.
Posted on: Aug 05, 2009
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Shinsaibashi bridge
Shinsaibashi bridge
Mickey and I at the Shinsaibashi b…
Mickey and I at the Shinsaibashi …
Christiaan and Mickey and I
Christiaan and Mickey and I
We ate Takoyaki after Izakaya!!
We ate Takoyaki after Izakaya!!
Oh! I couldnt take nice
Oh! I couldn't take nice
photo by: yasuyo