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Marc and I with his TravBuddy's T-shirts:D

I received a message from Marc79/Marc that he would come to Osaka few hours.
Why not, we can't meet up then?

He came from the Netherland to Tokyo for 4days. And he came to Kyoto today. And He is going to Philippines from Kansai International Airport. Where is best place to meet him. Well it'll be the airport!  Fortunately, I'm living in near the airport. well,It's not so near. But I can arrive to check in counter of airline only take an hour from my home's entrance.

Our meetup would be just take a cup of coffee for 30min.  I recognized him soon when he arrived from Kyoto by rapid. Marc brought something written the white T-shirts. See the photo! There are comments of all Trav Buddies who met him in real life. You will see how's lovely person him. He asked me to write a comment on this T-shirts. Of course, I wrote feeling honour:)  We could talk a lot while he was on line at the check in counter of airline. Even couldn't take a cup of coffee but it was great time with him!

After he left Japan it was 6:30PM out side became dark. One idea comes up to me that to go to the Observation Hall by shuttle bus. It should be great time! I was guess maybe there are all couples...But no! There were few people I just saw a family and a woman. :)  I took a lot of picture at there for writing a review!!:D 

I knew such a beautiful place today it was lucky opportunity for me!   Thanks,Marc! See you next time!



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Marc and I with his TravBuddys T-…
Marc and I with his TravBuddy's T…
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