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It's a season of turned red leaves,we japanese have a habit that to see them at the nice place like we do for the cherry blossoms. We local TravBuddy are holding a meet-up every year at autumn for that,this time we decided to hike at Settsukyo in Takatsuki,Osaka.

I got a first contact with Wes as I knew that he will visit Japan around November,so I asked him if you come to here a little bit late,maybe we will hold a meet-up as we held it every year! So he fixed his travel date and decided to make the meet-up at 24th of Nov!! Ayaka and I are always organizing a meet-up together so we made a plan for "Red leaves TB meet-up". We made contact to all TBs who may possible to join then finaly 11buddies are join this time,some TBs were from Okinawa,Fukuoka and Shimane! Wow! It's a little big meet-up! We are so exciting for that!! 

We gather at JR OSAKA station in the morning.

Some people arrived early than our meeting time. And some people late to join as they couldn't find the place. And Wes,who was a first saying about this meet-up said that will late about we decided left him but did contact where we go on forums board on TB as it only we had the way to contact each other!!!

Well,we arrived Takatsuki St. and needed to take a bus for the start point of hike at Settsukyo. No one have not been to that hiking course so we lost after 5 min take off bus! We just follow someone who is looks like going to hiking!! So if they made mistake,we had to do the same then. We arrived the starting point of Settsukyo hiking yet. It was something so much fun already...I don't know why but we were so nice to see each other even if it's almost first meeting each other! We started walking seeing very very beautiful landscape! Then someone called me "Yasuyo!".

..I was wonder who is that so just said,"Yes???"....after a few second I recoganised it is Wes!!!!!! He made me so much surprise,because I almost gave up he could join us at Settsukyo. Because it's not so easy get to as we lost several times already until now,but he came here by himself!!!!


I really couldn't believe it for a while and felt very very glad to see him at the same time. How I can explain about that situation anyway SURPRISED. So we gather all and went to the hiking course. It was not so easy but not so hard,I recommend you to visit there to see/feel nature in Japan. We walk slowly because there are some really beautiful points of turned red leaves. We had a lunch around 1pm as we felt very hungry maybe because we chat a lot!!! Sometimes funny things were happen at our hiking.

The taking a picture is one of them. We tried taking some interesting pictures at several places and it wasn't work well even with many cameras of us! Yes, maybe it would be good if we taken just one time but no,it wasn't! Also after we had a lunch,we play the Japanese traditional game called "Daruma san ga koron da" is you couldn't move during a man seeing us,but the man will hide his eyes during saying "Daruma san ga..." is taken around 10seconds.  So we can mave only that seconds. Usually it's a game for kids,but we did it and had so much fun.

Until dinner reservation,we had an option that take Onsen(Hot spring) in Settsukyo. Luckily we found it near the starting point so we went to there for 1 hour and 15min. It also the first time at meet-up but it also veru nice Japanese habit!! Thank you Vlad for recommend us to do it! Ayaka and I got very nice option at meet-up!

We leave for Umeda to have dinner after Onsen.

At Umeda,one of old local buddy Chris joined us. We enjoyed Asian foods and slcohol,then went to the bar. What a wonderful meet-up day,I can't quit it.


Thank you to all buddies who joined that meet-up!




yasuyo says:
Hi Kong!
Oh have you been to Japan for short trip? We have a lot of nice places around so let me know ever you come to here again!! Thank you for taking time to read my entry:) muc appreciated:)
Posted on: Dec 08, 2012
almond72 says:
Absolutely beautiful photos !
I sure miss my short stay in Japan.
Posted on: Dec 07, 2012
yasuyo says:
Thanks a lot,Yuiko!
Yes,they came from far away this time even couldn't find the place to stay!! So one of them looked for a hotel 6hours then finally found one room at Hyatt!!!!...I guess too much expensive!! And other guy stayed at Internet cafe...!!!! I'm so appreciated them to join us with such a hard time, so it was a middle of three holiday.
Ayaka and I are always love to organizing a meet-up:) so fun;D
Posted on: Dec 01, 2012
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photo by: yasuyo