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Hello there! 

I finally found some time for a little update!;-)

Up to now my stay in Iceland is everything I thought it to be, the work on the farm is quite cool too for a city guy like me.. I'm working for 15 days in a row now and as everyone I had my up's and down's..!

The most scary event happened on the very first day.. I was supposed to go out on the field with a tractor to spray it with... shit..(don't no the english word for "guelle" in german). Well anyway, first of all i had to go to fill up with that ... you know.. the bad thing about it was, that the pipe was sort of blocked. My farmer boss was standing at the kow-house just a few stepps away, he was trying to fix it .. after quite a while i was getting bored so i sat on the tank waiting for something to happen.. nearly falling a sleep I suddenly heard a rumbling in the pipe and suddenly all that shit that was fighting to stay in the pipe came shooting out under enourmos pressure. I turned my face away, jumped of that tank and started to run for a few meters.. unluckyly I wasnt fast enough..when I looked at myself I was covered in shit!!:-) I had in in my face, in my neck, in my boots.. and my originally blue suit was brown from top to bottom.. that was kind of discusting..:-))!!After that had happened my farmer boss couldnt stop laughing and after i whiped the first shit out of my face i could lough about it too, although i didnt feel like it..;-)

Thats the most scaary part as I said, but theres some cool stuff that happened too: f.e. a little cow was born yesterday and i was the first one to  give her some milk, that was quite cool;-)

Ok gotta get back to work now, I'll try to get back on as soon as possible... you can never have enough time on internet.., its a shame..;-)


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