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Kitten wants milk from mummy. On Mabul Island.

Kim and I didn’t want to get going today.  After witnessing the best yesterday, it was hard to get motivated. 

Today we were bound for Kapalai and Mabul Islands.  We didn’t know much about these sites. 

  • We soon realised on our first dive that the cloudy skies didn’t illuminate the water well ... while it wasn’t exactly choppy, there was more sandy suspension which also reduced the visibility.  The site was an artificial reef made up from construction waste ... pylons, tyres, boats ... junk is good, huh?

  • The second was under a former oil-rig now converted into a divers’ hotel ... it was gloomy under the shade of the platform.  It didn't look conducive as there was some litter from the nearby village on the shore.  Underwater it didn't look so bad.
    Mabul jetty, Seaventures diving hotel in the background.

  • The third was slightly better with good sightings of turtles.

We rested between dives on Mabul Island where we noticed a stealthy grey plane patrolling the area.  Good to see that the Government is doing its best to ensure our security. 

When we finished for the day, Kim and I left our shorts on the diveboat by mistake.  When we returned an hour after, the shorts had been stowed but my watch in the pocket had gone. 

I wasn't upset even though it was a gift from a very special friend (Kim had given it to me when it was old and badly scratched ... he had gotten himself a new one).  It wasn't an expensive watch but I like it as it had dual display ... digital and analogue ... good for two time zones. 

Semporna is the wild west of Sabah and Malaysia!  Life is simple, people are poor and things (especially eating out) is cheap ... cheaper than other parts of Malaysia. 


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Kitten wants milk from mummy.  On …
Kitten wants milk from mummy. On…
Mabul jetty, Seaventures diving ho…
Mabul jetty, Seaventures diving h…
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Mabul local village.
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