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Songkran @ Silom



At Suvarnabhumi, everybody looks at us because our water gun (on Chiang Mai Airport Air Asia's check in sayd us thet we couldn't board the gun, but we tryed and success!), we spend so much time looking for the bus station and thinking where to go in Bangkok. We ask many taxi drivers, the city was quiet, so we lead to Aioh's office.


Aioh's office

At Silom, finally I saw her desk, the office and what the hell are the famous Graphite Electrodes, that she sell! ha ha ha

We went there because I left stuff there, many things I buy in Bali :p OMG my luggage is so heavy :p



Then we lead to a Mall but most of them are closed :p The city was strangerly so empty, no so much people, trafic jam.

Songkran effects
... So we went to have a Massage (you know! we are massage junkies) On the street many people splash us with wather and powder...Songkran baby!!!

Arrrg last massage, was so good , it was the same place where we went for the first time in Bangkok on August! And of course juicy coments:

"It's your husband lady?"

"He is not so flexible, bla, bla, bla" :p



Later we went to a Mall, for a lunch (in a japanesse), really good one, to buy some souveniers for family and friends...and for me! But I could'n find it, it's crazy: for an adult 100 Baht, for a child 150 to 250 Baht!  
Finally we went to see a movie, I'm so simple guy baby!



The only film avalaible: Fast & Furious 4, this is the 4th? really ? I didn't know that there were 3 previous I expect that there was 2 lol, and I also saw it prevoiusly than European premiere!

Once on the cinema I was so relaxed..and everybody stand up

Jc: "What???"

Aioh: "Shhhh, It's kings song"


A: " You didn't this in Spain?"

J:"In Spain? We burn the national flag, ha ha ha"



Back to Suvarnabhumi

We took a Taxi back to the office to took our stuff and lead to Suvarnabhumi, again, but we arrive there so quick...




ratu says:
Yes Asia is more up to date than Spain...
Grrrrr coz Aioh is more flexible than me :p
Posted on: May 15, 2009
YantiSoeparno says:
Hehehehe, you have admit JC that Asia is more up to date in movies than Europe ;D

Btw, why you were called not so flexible. What did you do???
Posted on: May 15, 2009
ariwardani says:
Oh really? I don't know about that cinema ritual there...
Posted on: May 15, 2009
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Songkran @ Silom
Songkran @ Silom
Songkran effects
Songkran effects
Lateral side
Lateral side
At Japanesse reastaurant
At Japanesse reastaurant
Me too
Me too
photo by: Deats