Navratri is the city's largest festival, with song, dance and lights.

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Navratri or Garba is the city's largest festival, with song, dance and lights during every October or November. Many of the residents spend their evenings at their local Garba grounds where local musicians play traditional music while people dance the Raas and Garba dances which often goes on past midnight. This is also a time when the youth are more visible outdoors and until later than other times of the year. The people of Vadodara have preserved the original and the traditional part of the Navratri. Garba in borada attracts a fairly large number of international tourists.

Navratri is longest and largest dance festival in the world. This festival is enjoyed for 9 nights, with more than 1000 different locations, in different cities. Best among all cities to enjoy Navratri is Vadodara, Gujarat (India). This is an festival of song, music, dance, lights, colors, joy.

"It's an challenge, that if you visit and enjoy this dance festival once, you shall visit it every year."

During night times you can enjoy the dance, and day time you can do shopping. Clothes and other goodies are available at all places.

An inseparable part of the identity of Gujarat, the nine nights of Navratri are an auspicious occasion that commemorates the worship of Divine Mother Goddess and her numerous manifestations. It is a kaleidoscopic beauty of pure happiness and magical glory - a time of the year when you fast during the day and dance non-stop the night through. It is a celebration, when millions of young hearts throb with excitement and vivacity, while the older generation is full of devotion.

The festival of Navratri over the years has become a cultural tradition binding all sections and communities across the state. A festival that spreads vibrance, harmony and joy. It is an opportunity to savour the state in her finest best.

Customs & Traditions.

The garbo, a perforated earthen pot with lighted lamp within it, signifying knowledge, is placed at the centre of a village, lanes or streets where brightly dressed women, men and children move around it singing and playing a folk dance called garba. Moving around a circle in a garba, indicates the never-ending cycle of creation, maintenance and destruction phases of supreme reality.

Dance, Devotion, Drumbeats.

The most fascinating and colourful celebration of Navratri are the dance forms garba and dandia raas characterized by synchronised, vigorous yet graceful movements executed to vibrant music.

Dancing away to rhythmic drumbeats offering devotion to the Goddesses are women in bright coloured chaniya cholis, cotton skirts and tops, that are hand embroidered, embedded with mirrors, shells and anything that goes with it. The men, in keeping pace with their dancing partners, are dressed in Kedia - a traditional high waist top that has a different feel and looks great when the gathering on it swirls while the men dance in circles.

See you around dancing !!!! Till then keep Enjoying.....

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photo by: shahrachit