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I look dazed and confused. Probably more truth to it than I care to admit.

drive (but, not “The” Drive) from Canton to Cincinnati went as smooth as the ride up. I really like using audio books to pass the time. You don’t miss any of the scenery, and you have someone tell you a story as well. Anyway, I had already gotten the address for the Hooters (only one!) in Cincinnati from their website, printed directions from Mapquest, and used Travelocity to reserve my hotel for the night. I love the internet! Things were going exactly as planned. I have read that if you want to make God laugh, tell him you have a plan. Well, I think the big guy was chuckling a bit as I pulled into a deserted Hooters parking lot. I knew this was trouble. I was about 8 PM, and the only reason there would not be a car in their lot, is if they were closed. The sign on the door confirmed this. Not only closed, but closed for good! Could it be that there was not enough business to turn a profit? Not enough business to keep ONE Hooters open in the entire city? Perhaps Cincinnati has a larger male gay population than I would have imagined. But, I was probably being unfair to the heterosexual men of the area. There must be a Hooters in town1I’m sure that is one of the signs of the Apocalypse.


As the internet had failed me, I decided to go old school, and find a phone book. It took only minutes to find one, in a fast food parking lot. With my command of the alphabet still intact, I soon had the phone number for Hooters of Springdale. I called, not wanting to risk another disappointment, and the beautiful lady (I could tell from her voice. Really.) on the other end confirmed that they were open and ready to satisfy hunger and induce eye strain. I got directions, and 10 minutes later, a map courtesy of Wal-Mart. I was completely Old School now. I might call myself Old School Bill, but I think that might infringe on a copyright somewhere.


Springdale was about 30 minutes in the wrong direction. My hotel was south of Closed Hooters. New Hooters is north. But, I was not to be denied. I made the trip, and by the time I got there I was starving. At Hooters you usually seat yourself, and I grabbed the first two person table I could find. My waitress was Angela. I just love the concept of a pretty girl, scantily dressed, who brings me food and beer. Service was quick. The food, I had a chicken breast sandwich, was hot.


I talked with Angela a bit. She is majoring in Communication at Ohio State University. As soon as the summer was over, she would be heading north to work on her degree. This was just a summer job, to make money for school. Angela was happy to take a picture with me, when I asked. After seeing the result, I really need to work on my smile. I think about it too much and then look dumb. Feel free to laugh. I paid the bill, leaving a nice tip as payment for the picture, and was soon on my way. I don’t have any kind of Hooters goal. I’m not trying to visit every single one, or one in each state. But, I do enjoy visiting a new one in any larger town I go to. This one took a little work, but I now have visited Hooters-Springdale. Mission Accomplished!

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I look dazed and confused. Probabl…
I look dazed and confused. Probab…
photo by: X_Drive