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Here is my travel log for Gordon Bryden on the trip to Riga on Sep 21st 2007

We start our journey on Friday 21st Sep 2007 and meet in Glasgow Central Staion.There are three of the original Glasgow Famous Gallon Club members ��" Dougie,George and myself and as the flight from Prestwick is not until 5.30pm we meet at 1pm in the bar and have a couple of beer before getting the 2pm train to Prestwick.After checking in we head through the departure lounge and yet again to the bar as we have to keep up the true image of the GFGC and have couple more beers.The flight itself was not to bad but we made a big mistake and fellow travellers please heed this that you should never take a seat at the very back as there were a few other beeviers on the plane by the time the steward came to us the was nothing to eat or to drink so that was bad move.

After going through the customs Bairds travel had again sorted out the Hotel and the Taxi was arranged to pick us up which meant we did not get ripped off.When travelling in a Riga taxi one is recommended to buckle up as they are the most CRAZY drivers I have seen and the all seem to have been watching the Grand Prix as they all seemed to be trying to get to the chequered flag before everyone else. Once arrived at hotel Tia I was pleasantly surprised to see how moderm and clean the place was and impressed with the stock in the mini bar but that is another story.

After we dropped our bags we went out into the night air and caught a tram to the old town where the action was and for 30 pence you can get a cheap ride into town.Once there a short stroll through the streer and over the small bridge and there was the old town bustling and alive and looking very invinting.We just stopped at the first bar/café and had a beer as we were gasping and were early wanting to sample the Latvia beer which turned out ok and decided to have another with chip and “sanies” which would fill a gap till the next pub. As we had arrived late and it was nearly midnight we decided to head to the famous “Skyline Bar” which is situated 26 floor up on top of the hotel. As we strolled up to this very posh hotel the bouncers at the doorway to the lift never even gave us a second look even though we were in jeans and t-shirt. If that was Glasgow we would surley have got the “not to night gents “ routine. Once in the lift and gliding up the putside of the building we could see Riga opening up before us and it was a great site to see especially at night time. Once the lift door opened up you stepped straight into the bar which was bustling and lively from people from different parts of the globe and the atmosphere was good. Straight to the bar for beers for me and dougie and vody for george and although the place was busy and bouncing for such a flash place a pint was only £1.95 if this bar was in the middle of Glasgow a pint would surley be £4 or £5. Looking through the glass windows all around the bar you could see the whole of Riga and see the spectacular site of the city at night ��" just great. Music was good bar was jumping ��" everyone even joined in singing NEW YORK NEW YORK and the bar was open till 3am which was when the GFGC members were asked to leave haha. A short lift ride back down then into the taxi and back to the hotel and in for a good night sleep although George on I couldn’t resist a bottle of beer and some crisps from the mini bar and a little bit of tv before going to bed at 4am ish.

Riga my kid of town

Day two in lovely Riga and it was time for a trip down to the coast to Majjori and to the Baltic sea(another story in that shortly).The train journey took about 40 ins and the return trip was only £1.25 return what a bargin.The journey itself was pleasant enough but the trains were old but I suppose that added to the trip which made it bit more pleasant that a usual boring trip.When we arrive and tool the short walk to the main street it was nice enough with lots of cafes places to eat and some shops and stall which im sure would be bustling in the height of summer time.
Being Gallon club members we stopped for a small refreshment after or hard journey to get here and that was the start of an eventful day.Dougie and I opted for a pint of the local beer and George ask what we thought was a vodka lemon(meaning bottle) but somewhere in the translation it all got lost and he got a straight vodka with a slice of lemon hah After a couple more beer and George having more straight vodka we moved on further down the road where we entered another bar/café and a refreshment as you do when you are a GFGC member. Although hind sight is a great thing we should have knew something would happen because after few more beer from Dougie and I George was still drinking straight vodka but now in larger glasses and I think stronger as it was more expenside haha up to £2 a glass which would probably cost you about £4 back home. Needless to say when it was time to move off and we were going down the beach to put our hand in the Baltic Sea George was a little bit pissed ��" not to say we were sober ��" but he was worse and instead of staying where he was he decided to come with us to touch the sea. Here and now is a warning ��" drinking is bad for your health and any youngsters reading this take warning as bad things can happen when your under the influence haha now back to story ��" To cut the story short and to stop me laughing again George went to touch the sea but moved to much forward and yes your right ��" went head first straihght into the bloddy Baltic sea clothes and all but what a dive it was ��" mark spitz eat your heart out haha. After he crawled and I mean latterly crawled out he was soaked through and covered in sand but even he saw the funny side of it but hey what else can you do.Being such a kind hearts soul I gave him my dry jacket to keep him warm and a bit dry.What did mr Baird do ��" well apart from taking the pics of him crawling out of the sea he ran away because like myself he couldn’t stop laughing and he knew if he stayed he would have had a fit hahaha.
We eventiually got back on the train where George had a little nap and we reflected on the eventful day unknowing there was more to come. When we arrived back at Riga we departed the train but George not being fully comp went down stairs first but unfortunately missed a step or too and feel head long onto the concrete platform.Unlike the previous incident this was more serious and he done his arm leg and knee plus couldn’t put his foot on ground. After a time of supporting him either side Dougie mainly got him to the taxi rank where we got back to the hotel where George had to call it a night and stay in.Like true Gallon Club member we done the right thing by him ��" yes your right ��" we left him in the hotel and went out for a beer or two haha. A couple of bars later and a walk round the town it was time to head once again to outr local the SKYLINE BAR where we stayed in the bar till we got asked to leave at 3am once again ��" what a great day and something to tell the grand children ��" maybe.


Sunday and time to see bit more of Riga but when George woke that was not going to be the case as he was covered in bruises and his leg was knackered and he was in agaony although he put a brave face on it probably for our benefit ��" what a guy. Once packed and bags down stairs we decided that because couldn’t got to airport till 8pm at night we decided there was only one thing to do ��" yep the pub . Dougie ordered a taxi from the hotel and as we helped Hoppy George into the car I think the driver was surprised when instead of asking for the hospital we said Dicken ��" the pub please ��" but why not haha we are on holiday after all. We settle for the Irish bar acroos the road as there was footy on the screen and George could rest his leg and have a wee drink or two while dougie and I stuck to the local beer “ZELTA” which I like a lot and Dougie eventually found a beer “WEXFORD” that he enjoyed. We left George in the pub watching the footy while Dougie and I went for souveniers and a walk round the town and I have to say that in the lovely afternoon sunshine Riga looks a beautiful place and it would have been nice to explore on a Sunny Sunday Afternoon. We went back shortly after on watch more footy with George and then after a few more beer and some chat with the local(okay a German and three ladies from Bishopton) we head back to get our bags and then off to the airport.I have to say that the staff at Riga airport were brilliant regarding George and the people of RYainair could have been any better.

All I have to say now is that I loved my trip to Riga and will be back very soon to explore mpore of the beautiful city and ofcoarse the SKYLINE BAR .But remember everyone drinking in moderation is fine but when you step over the line well you know what happens eh SANDY DAVIDSON haha

Gordon Bryden signing of for the Gallon Club travelog ��" heres to Frankfurt in November 
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