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I've made it to saigon! We arrived at 5am and quickly got a bus to the cu chi tunnels, to see where the viet cong hid in 200km of tunnels to fight the americans..a quote from their video `the americans, like a bunch of crazy devils, shot at these poor peoples pots and pans`. they called people that killed americans `american killer heros`. carl and two guys we are good friends with bought 2 litres of lethal rice wine and promptly drank it at the back of the bus! we mooched around the markets in the afternoon, before going to dinner in the evening.

well that was an experience! we went to a vietnamese barbeque, where i sscared the boys by carrying a live scorpion out to the table! we then ate it. then we ate pigeon, snake, field rat and cricket. i cant beleive i did it! carl had the first bit of scorpian...he had to eat the whole thing, claws and all in one crunch!  after recovering from all that we headed off to play pool.

the next day we drove to the mekong delta where we boated around the main island, saw people making coconunt sweets, a brickmaking factory, a floating market, a popped rice factory, and a bonsai garden...where carl and I both held a rather huge snake! enough animals for a while i think! we had lunch with a little man, who served whole elephant fish, stood upright, with a man made of cucumber pretending to ride it...very novel! we stayed with a local family over night and had plenty more rice wine...the word for cheers here is moch, hai, ba, yo!!

we made it back to saigon the next nmorning, where we went to the war remenants museum...quite harrowing- deformed babies in jars from the effects of agent orange and a man from america who donated his medals with a plaque sating `i was wrong, i'm sorry`. very moving. 

up late this morning due to the failure of our air conditioning keeping us up all night, then getting a local bus across the border to cambodia tomorrow. 

all very exciting!

love you long time



billandjoan says:
PS sorry - meant Laura and Katy!!!
Posted on: Apr 25, 2006
billandjoan says:
Hi Rachael. Just finished lambing and been on the site to print off some bed time reading of where you guys have got to since we last looked a couple of weeks ago - it's great keeping up with you all and was really nice hearing Laura and Cat's stories of Otjikondo - it felt just as if we were there. Cheers Bill and Joan and HFT.
Posted on: Apr 25, 2006
Laurabob says:
Hey rach,

Glad to hear you are actually eating this time even if it is stuff that i wouldn't eat.
Love you lots
Laura xxxx
Posted on: Apr 14, 2006
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