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I'm taking my wanderlust to a new level by shedding everything familiar and safe and hitting the road with a one way ticket and lots of guts. I start in Ireland, with planned stops in E. Europe before arriving in Egypt, then onto Tanzania for a Mt. Kili climb/safari before arriving in Zanzibar. From there, S. Africa, India, SE Asia, Australia/NZ, and eventually S. America. Afterward skidding home on fumes of glory, whereupon I will quickly be couch-surfing until I can land on my feet again.

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May 29th, 2007Minneapolis, Minnesota
June 1st, 2007Doolin, Ireland
June 2nd, 2007Doolin, Ireland
June 3rd, 2007Inishmore, Ireland
June 4th, 2007Inishmore, Ireland
June 5th, 2007Inishmore, Ireland
June 6th, 2007Inishmore, Ireland
June 7th, 2007Galway, Ireland
June 8th, 2007Sligo, Ireland
June 9th, 2007Donegal, Ireland
June 10th, 2007Donegal, Ireland
June 11th, 2007Derry, Northern Ireland
June 12th, 2007Derry, Northern Ireland
June 13th, 2007Belfast, Northern Ireland
June 14th, 2007Belfast, Northern Ireland
June 15th, 2007Dublin, Ireland
June 16th, 2007Dublin, Ireland
June 17th, 2007Dublin, Ireland
June 18th, 2007Glasgow, Scotland
June 19th, 2007Glasgow, Scotland
June 20th, 2007Glasgow, Scotland
June 20th, 2007Stirling, Scotland
June 21st, 2007Stirling, Scotland
June 22nd, 2007Edinburgh, Scotland
June 24th, 2007Edinburgh, Scotland
June 25th, 2007London, England
June 26th, 2007London, England
June 27th, 2007London, England
June 29th, 2007Naples, Italy
June 30th, 2007Pompeii, Italy
July 1st, 2007Rome, Italy
July 2nd, 2007Rome, Italy
July 3rd, 2007Rome, Italy
July 4th, 2007Rome, Italy
July 6th, 2007Florence, Italy
July 9th, 2007Florence, Italy
July 10th, 2007Cinque Terre, Italy
July 14th, 2007Vienna, Austria
July 15th, 2007Vienna, Austria
July 17th, 2007Prague, Czech Republic
July 18th, 2007Prague, Czech Republic
July 20th, 2007Prague, Czech Republic
July 23rd, 2007Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
July 27th, 2007Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
July 31st, 2007Prague, Czech Republic
August 1st, 2007Krakow, Poland
August 2nd, 2007Krakow, Poland
August 3rd, 2007Krakow, Poland
August 5th, 2007Krakow, Poland
August 7th, 2007Krakow, Poland
August 10th, 2007Krakow, Poland
August 12th, 2007Krakow, Poland
August 13th, 2007Krakow, Poland
August 15th, 2007Krakow, Poland
August 16th, 2007Budapest, Hungary
August 17th, 2007Budapest, Hungary
August 18th, 2007Budapest, Hungary
August 21st, 2007Budapest, Hungary
August 23rd, 2007Budapest, Hungary
August 24th, 2007Budapest, Hungary
August 26th, 2007Budapest, Hungary
August 30th, 2007Budapest, Hungary
September 3rd, 2007Budapest, Hungary
September 5th, 2007Brasov, Romania
September 5th, 2007Budapest, Hungary
September 7th, 2007Brasov, Romania
September 9th, 2007Sighisoara, Romania
September 12th, 2007Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
September 15th, 2007Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
September 16th, 2007Istanbul, Turkey
September 18th, 2007Istanbul, Turkey
September 20th, 2007Canakkale, Turkey
September 21st, 2007Selcuk, Turkey
September 23rd, 2007Selcuk, Turkey
September 26th, 2007Fethiye, Turkey
October 1st, 2007Olympos, Turkey
October 4th, 2007Olympos, Turkey
October 5th, 2007Goreme, Turkey
October 7th, 2007Goreme, Turkey
October 8th, 2007Cairo, Egypt
October 11th, 2007Cairo, Egypt
October 14th, 2007Aswan, Egypt
October 15th, 2007Luxor, Egypt
October 17th, 2007Luxor, Egypt
October 18th, 2007Dahab, Egypt
October 20th, 2007Cairo, Egypt
October 21st, 2007Arusha, Tanzania
October 28th, 2007Arusha, Tanzania
November 4th, 2007Zanzibar, Tanzania
November 8th, 2007Zanzibar, Tanzania
November 10th, 2007Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
November 12th, 2007Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
November 15th, 2007Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
November 16th, 2007Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
November 19th, 2007Livingstone, Zambia
November 22nd, 2007Livingstone, Zambia
November 26th, 2007Livingstone, Zambia
December 1st, 2007Windhoek, Namibia
December 3rd, 2007Windhoek, Namibia
December 11th, 2007Swakopmund, Namibia
December 12th, 2007Swakopmund, Namibia
December 17th, 2007Windhoek, Namibia
December 27th, 2007Bloemfontein, South Africa
January 3rd, 2008Cape Town, South Africa
January 7th, 2008Wilderness, South Africa
January 11th, 2008Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
January 21st, 2008Johannesburg, South Africa
January 23rd, 2008Mumbai, India
January 26th, 2008Anjuna, India
January 31st, 2008Hampi, India
February 2nd, 2008Mumbai, India
February 5th, 2008Udaipur, India
February 7th, 2008Jodhpur, India
February 9th, 2008Jaisalmer, India
February 13th, 2008Jaisalmer, India
February 16th, 2008Bundi, India
February 19th, 2008Bundi, India
February 23rd, 2008Jaipur, India
February 28th, 2008Varanasi, India
March 4th, 2008Darjeeling, India
March 13th, 2008Kolkata, India
March 15th, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
March 18th, 2008Chiang Mai, Thailand
March 19th, 2008Chiang Mai, Thailand
March 25th, 2008Luang Prabang, Laos
April 1st, 2008Muang Kha, Laos
April 10th, 2008Phonsavan, Laos
April 11th, 2008Hanoi, Vietnam
April 14th, 2008Cat Ba, Vietnam
April 22nd, 2008Nha Trang, Vietnam
April 25th, 2008Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
April 28th, 2008Phnom Penh, Cambodia
May 4th, 2008Battambang, Cambodia
May 5th, 2008Siem Reap, Cambodia
May 7th, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
May 9th, 2008Bangkok, Thailand
May 15th, 2008Bogota, Colombia
May 18th, 2008Cartagena, Colombia
May 23rd, 2008Medellin, Colombia
May 30th, 2008San Augustin, Colombia
May 31st, 2008Ipiales, Colombia
June 3rd, 2008Quito, Ecuador
June 9th, 2008Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
June 10th, 2008Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
June 18th, 2008Arequipa, Peru
June 20th, 2008Arequipa, Peru
June 23rd, 2008Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
June 26th, 2008Cusco, Peru
July 2nd, 2008Machu Picchu, Peru
July 7th, 2008Pillcopata, Peru
July 9th, 2008Cusco, Peru