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Well, nothing exciting has really happened since my "week to remember."  I'm back in Windhoek and have just been bumming around town for almost a week now.  I met a guy at the hostel bar who owns a house here in town but is from Jo'burg.  He was going to drive home this week, so I thought I had a free ride with him to Jo'burg at least.  Unfortunately he misunderstood my friendly personality I guess, and so I had to part ways with him.  Kind of an awkward situation to say the least.  Anyway, so much for saving almost a hundred bucks.

So today I bought bus tickets from the one and only Intercape bus company.  If you will recall, they were 48 hours late in getting me here in the first place.  They are the only bus company in town going to SA, so there is not much choice.  I talked them into giving me a 5% discount on these tickets for the hassle last time.  Now I leave Wednesday night for my next destination, which will be Bloemfontein, South Africa.  I am meeting up with Dieter, a Danish photographer/pilot I met while in Livingstone (he joined us for our Thanksgiving feast).  He is living in Bloem til March flying around in a glider.  He invited me to spend Christmas with him and the "other crazy glider pilots" as he put it.  I apparently will be staying at the gliding club in some caravan (check out www.soaring-safaris.com).  Should make for an interesting holiday.  Speaking of, it sure doesn't seem like Christmas given the desert heat here.  I was in a grocery store and heard Christmas music playing, which was one of the few traces of the upcoming holiday.  

Until then I will be reading a lot of books around the hostel.  At least Windhoek isn't like the last place I got stuck in.  This town is very clean and organized - all that German influence.  It also gives me time to find a room over New Years, which I figure will be in Cape Town.  Of course at this point all the best places are booked for the holiday (there is some four day party going on there), so I best get cracking on that!  

sheffey3 says:
Merry Christmas! I bet yours was better than mine.
Posted on: Dec 26, 2007
volleyballblondie says:
Merry Christmas Chris! We sure are going to miss you tonight. Hope your travels continue to keep you safe and have a happy holiday. Love ya!
Posted on: Dec 24, 2007
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