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I made it to Mumbai and I must say, I LOVE IT here.  The people are amazing, so friendly and helpful, the colors so bright and vivid, and the smells go from wonderful to disgusting in minutes when driving through the city.  It's fantastic!  The driving...oh, the driving.  Egypt really prepared me for this place because I do not feel much culture shock.  I did a day driving tour with a local taxi driver today, along with my new travel companion Eoin (Owen) from Ireland, and learned and saw so much.  Everyone is so busy here doing their work, and each is identified by their job, like a lunch box delivering-wallah, a water-wallah, a taxi-wallah, etc. (wallah meaning their job).  Well, I figure I am a traveler wallah. 

I have much to say about my first day here, but this traveler wallah is tired and jumping on a train to Goa in the early a.m., so for now I am just writing to say I made it, and sometime soon I will write in much detail and post the incredible pictures I've snapped.

ganku says:
nice interpretation of wallah..
-surfer wallah
Posted on: Dec 20, 2009
adhaldia_27 says:
hey... walla doesnt exactly means a job... its jus a verb of doing a particular thing... may or may not be a job...

have an amazin trip of india... cheers !
Posted on: Feb 24, 2008
agedoldlady says:
Dear Chris, I hoped you would love it. Safe travels and one day, perhaps we can go to India at the same time. Much love, Your Aunty
Posted on: Jan 28, 2008
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