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Vicky and I at his omelette shop
My main objective in going to Jodhpur was to check out the magnificent fort, which I did.  The admission included a great audio tour and there were some interesting artifacts on display, including elephant palanquins (chairs) and an armory.  From above is a great view of the city, much of which is colored in blue.  This was done in part as a form of mosquito repellent. 

I made my way down through the many winding streets to the clock tower, around which is the main shopping area.  I found a book store and bought another good read, and then grabbed a cup of chai.  I then ran into once again this nice fella who kept saying he knew me from somewhere.  I hate to say, but I've taken to largely ignoring people as I walk the streets because it gets too much at times.
A highly decorated elephant palanquin
  Everyone is calling out hello, wants to sell you something, etc.  Sometimes I engage in discussion, which may seem friendly at first, including talks about our government and how much they like Hillary and Bill when they visited, but soon it will turn to something having to do with needing money.  Anyway, so this fella I kept ignoring, and finally outside the clock tower I gave him an ear and he said he saw me earlier in an internet shop.  He had his own shop, selling omelettes nearby, and I remembered reading in the LP about some shop they recommended.  It was not his shop, but he was the competitor right next door.  I've started to loathe LP so I quickly grabbed a stool and had a try (even though not hungry).  An English fella joined me and we gave stares across to the LP recommended joint.
View of Jodhpur's clock tower and palace
  It wasn't the best omelette by any means, but the guy running it was a joy. 

With my belly full I made it back to the hotel, after getting lost a few times. These streets are truly a maze.  The next morning I grabbed a bus to Jaisalmer, the place where tourists go to do a camel safari in the desert. I haven't yet been on a camel, so I knew I would have to give this a go.  I picked out a place to stay not in LP.  The owner running it is very talkative and didn't push too hard on his camel safari, but after some negotiations, including me staying for free at the hotel and getting one extra beer on the safari, I am off early in the a.m. for a two day/one night "not so touristy" safari.
Mutton anyone?
See how that goes.

The owner then called up a friend to make dinner plans, so he invited me to join him.  First we had to walk to the butcher's to get mutton (what they call goat).  That was a treat (sense the sarcasm...).  The guys were sitting on this platform on the ground and hacking away at bits of something.  They held a sharp blade between their toes to do the finer chopping.  Sanitary you ask?  Not in the least, and I expressed concern at this, but he insisted they would give it a good wash with mineral water.  I did not witness this step in the process but decided I would cast aside my worries.  We then made our way to another hotel with a flaming owner who promptly gave me a rum and coke while he and his friends stared and smiled at me.
I love this guy in the foreground - this was at one of the bus stops
  I wanted to get on the internet, so Raju (the owner) sent me off in a rickshaw to do that while dinner was in the works. I met two fellas at the internet shop who spent some time relaying their frustration at being too poor to afford a wife here and not having kissed a woman (the one was 35!).  I quickly got out of there and back to the hotel for dinner.

I was under the impression this was going to be a group dinner, but Raju asked me up to the roof, and I realized he was envisioning a romantic dinner for two.  He called down to the boys and they brought us the mutton stew and chapatis.  It was dark and cold, but I refused the offer of sharing his blanket and did my best to eat this meat substance in the dark.  The sauce was actually really good, but the meat was fatty and bony.
Jodhpur's blue houses
  He happily ate the bones, sucking on the marrow, while I flung pieces aside, avoiding his notice.  I haven't mastered eating with my hands, all the more clear after getting in the light later and seeing most of my dinner on my pants.

After our meal I feigned being very tired and insisted we get back to the hotel so I could sleep.  He was not interested in calling it a night, but after much protesting outside my bedroom door, I made it to bed.  This morning he did not seem his jovial self, but I made clear I had a boyfriend back home and was just a friend.  Thank goodness I am off in the morning.

Today I shall wander around this town's fort (the only one still occupied) and try to avoid any more romantic overtures until morning.  I've heard that this camel trekking isn't all that great and is a bit painful.  I was told a half day would suffice, but being a sucker for punishment, and wanting to get a little further out into some villages, I will be enduring some full days on a camel.  Let's just hope I can walk when I return Tuesday!
brickflow says:

There's been alot of controversy over whether to stay or not stay in the Fort. It's eroding from increased water usage and tourists are contributing to the problem. I'm trying to raise awareness about the situation so tourists can get involved.

Check out this link, it shows the different viewpoints so readers can have more info about this important question and get involved to help out!

Happy Travels!
Posted on: Mar 24, 2008
Jensclass says:
Cheyenne says she loves you and Daniel says you're a soldier for eating all that nasty food. When are you going to come get Casandra and take her on the road? Be careful over there.
Posted on: Feb 12, 2008
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Vicky and I at his omelette shop
Vicky and I at his omelette shop
A highly decorated elephant palanq…
A highly decorated elephant palan…
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View of Jodhpur's clock tower and…
Mutton anyone?
Mutton anyone?
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I love this guy in the foreground…
Jodhpurs blue houses
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