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Well, I finally made it!  My plane took off two hours late out of Chicago due to navigational equipment issues, refueling and then eventually dealing with the fact two passengers disembarked during that time and they had to retrieve their luggage.  All that meant that I arrived late to Shannon and missed the 1025 bus out of Ennis to Doolin, meaning about 8 HOURS to kill in Ennis.  So I checked out the local sights, which included a Friary in ruins and walked around the cute little town of Ennis, and then decided to go to the Clare Museum.  Bad idea, you might as well have shot me with a tranquilizer gun.

  I mean, at that point I'd been awake 24 hours for sure.  I found a spot to chill and listened to some very animated French idea what was so exciting.

Finally about 4 p.m. I went to retrieve my bag at the bus station they so kindly agree to hold for me during the day.  The guy at the station wasn't the one I talked to when I dropped it off so he proceeded to tell me there was a problem.  Since my bag was left unattended and they changed shifts, he had to call the cops about the bag.  My blood began to boil and I broke out in a sweat, and I just thought, breathe Chris.  Then he said something about a bomb I finally got my wits about me and said, you're pulling my chain, right? 

Anyway, got my bag and finally got on the bus to Doolin.  Interesting road structure here.  My hostel is sure cozy and nice.  Right on the river in this small town.  Beautiful!  I forced myself awake so I wouldn't be up early, so I went to a local pub for a Guinness (of course) and some stew.  I ended up dining with a family from S. Carolina of all places.  Anyway, I will post pics later when I have time.  I'm off to walk to Cliffs of Moher today...heard about 7-8 hours roundtrip, so I best be off!

kingelvis14 says:
Sounds like you got off to a rough start, what with the delays and missing your bus. But you are smart not to have a rigid schedule. That way, no worries.
Posted on: Jan 17, 2008
viktor360 says:
I guess you dont want to hear it, but Ill say it.. Post 9/11.. Everyone is shitscared of eachother shadows.. Not cool..
Posted on: Oct 06, 2007
viktor360 says:
Ahh, noway! That same thing happened to me in Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. I had to go back to the city to retrieve my computer, so I decided to hide my suitcases under the stairs.. During night.. So, when I came back they had locked down the entire building, called the bombsquad, blown up my luggage, and cancelling an airplane going to Telaviv. But I did retrived my computer though. Haha.

Yeah. They werent very fond of me that morning.
Posted on: Oct 06, 2007
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