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Castle in City Park

After a seven hour bus ride through a lot of Slovakia, I made it to Hungary!  By the way, Slovakia is beautiful.  There didn't seem to be a straight forward road or highway to get through it, so we wound our way through little towns.  One boasted a castle on the rocky face of a hill.  I wanted to just stop along the way somewhere really.  Then at the Hungarian border, the passport officer stamped but then took my passport off the bus.  I got really nervous, but soon enough, the bus driver returned with mine and another's.  Now, this is a passport I aspire to have someday.  The other person's passport was a book!  So thick with what had to be many visas and extra pages!  Someday...

After arriving at about 10 at night, I had to try to figure out how to get cash and find the metro and get to the hostel on two different public transports.

Church on castle grounds
  I did some calculations on the bus ride over as far as what one US dollar equals in the local currency, so at the ATM, I withdrew about 56,000 ft!  Crazy.  I literally have bills in 10,000 denominations.  However, that is as far as I can figure, about 300 US.  I found the Metro, and after arguing with the gal at the ticket counter, got my tickets.  It turned out we both were saying exactly the same thing about me needing two separate tix for the metro and tram, but we couldn't get it figured out until an English-speaking Hungarian stepped in.  Off on the Metro, and at the first stop I thought I was going the wrong way, got off and as the train pulled away, I realized, no, I was going the right way.
Heroes in Heroes Square? I like the guy hanging out in front w/o a shirt.
Oops...15 minutes later the next one arrived with others from my bus.  The tram wasn't as bad, but I had another local help me out.  Then I was walking along the street past a few sex shops wondering how bad I screwed up again, and an older fella waved me into this building.  I think by now you just know when to trust folks. He saw my pack and pointed me to my hostel.  The hostel owner admitted the directions online were wrong, thus my earlier confusion.  Of course, couldn't be the language barrier or anything :)

It's a bit cramped here...nothing like Mamas which was heaven, but it will do until Sunday when I move to another hostel recommended by many and also in Buda.  I haven't made it there yet.

My afternoon's entertainment.
Budapest is two cities, Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube.

So today I explored some of Pest as best I could in this extreme heat. I woke up to some gals saying it would hit 35, and I had the usual delayed reaction trying to calculate that, but basically over 90 F.  Anyway, it was so hot I ended up seeking refuge in a museum off the City Park, which was also free, and then noticed another huge military to-do in Heroes Square next door.  I then walked over to the castle nearby, which is pretty to be sure, and ended up just sitting by a pond, watching ducks.  It's amazing how fast the day goes lounging about.

Well, that's almost the first 24 hours in Pest...  There is a lot going on here.  It's huge compared to Krakow.  So big that people don't have to park on the sidewalk here like they do in Poland!  There are Turkish baths to partake of and lots of sites of interest.  I shall not leave without my suit on tomorrow that's for sure.  Anyway, Buda & Pest should keep me occupied for the next few weeks for sure.




nicoleah says:
I've always wanted to visit Budapest, your pictures are wonderful!
Posted on: Nov 15, 2007
volleyballblondie says:
Glad to hear you made it to your next destination okay!
Posted on: Aug 17, 2007
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Castle in City Park
Castle in City Park
Church on castle grounds
Church on castle grounds
Heroes in Heroes Square?  I like t…
Heroes in Heroes Square? I like …
My afternoons entertainment.
My afternoon's entertainment.
photo by: Chokk