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I made it to the very historic (although new city) of Stirling yesterday.  I found my hostel, which I do like a lot more.  Did the usual stomp around for a while, figure out where things are and what I want to do next.  I also managed to do my laundry.  One of the guys who works at the hostel is from China and he was quite friendly right away, helping me with the laundry and asked me what I planned for the evening, gave me some pizza and wine for dinner and let me use the internet for free.  I must say, looking back now I was completely oblivious to his affections.  In any event, I thought it would be fun to go out and hang with some folks, especially since I didn’t hit up any nightlife in Glasgow, so I agreed to meet him in the common room at 11:30, thinking it was a group affair.

At the agreed up time, he came walking in, all showered, changed and smelling of after shave.  Then it finally hit me, oh, he’s thinking more like a date.  Ooops.  I, of course, had my best on as well, including cargo pants, hikers, t-shirt and fleece pullover, as well as switched to my glasses and had my hair in a pony tail.  We headed out in search of the nightlife, which turned out to be only one place near the University that stays open late.  We had a beer at the bar next door and I chatted up a guy with a MN Vikings jersey on!  He knew more about the draft than I did, and kept say ”we” need to get a better quarterback, and ”we” need to do this.  Odd.

Then we headed next door to the club.  Very interesting experience in there.  First off, I haven’t been out ”clubbing” in a while, but I’m pretty sure last time I checked the dance floor wasn’t occupied by mostly men in groups dancing with each other (rather than grinding on girls) with choreographed moves.  The gals were dancing in their groups, but mostly interested in being seen, in their strapless mini dresses adorned in bows and other frilly things and high heels.  Seriously, every single one of them.  Remember, I’m in cargo pants/fleece pullover, so I was definitely out of place, enough so that my ”host,” who was insisting on paying for everything, asked me if I brought anything to go out in.  Ahh, no...

After dancing some, and mostly laughing at some of the moves and song choices, my host was getting a little friendly, so I decided to break free to the bathroom for a bit.  I’m in there washing my hands, pondering how to bring up wanting to leave now, and I look over at the vending machine and notice you can buy a disposable camera, OK...and a condom, fine...and a vibrator, uhh, and what’s this, a ”fun inflatable sheep”???  I thought holy hell, time to get outta here. 

I made my way out and found my host...OK, I feel bad, I never caught his name...luckily the bar closed at 2 rather than 3, so I didn’t have to bring up leaving.  The lights came on and we were off back to the hostel and I declined numerous suggestions that I stay in his dorm that he had all to himself.

Sheesh, I still managed to get up and sight-see today after all that excitement.  See next entry...

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photo by: ulysses